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Facebook Ads revolutionize digital advertising, providing businesses with unparalleled reach and targeting capabilities, enhancing brand visibility, driving conversions, and engaging diverse audiences.

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Millions of businesses are utilizing Facebook to connect with people.

Promoting your brand is no more limited to TV or radio ads. Facebook ads is a new trend for businesses to grow and connect with millions of people around the world.

Two billion people use Facebook every month, and your customers are on Facebook. Reach them with Facebook ads and build lasting relationships with them.

1.5 Billion+ People use Facebook Everyday.

2.3 Billion+ People use Facebook Every Month.

7Million+ Active Advertisers are on Facebook.

There is every good reason to advertise on Facebook Ads to grow your business.

Facebook ads are designed to help your business achieve – brand awareness, consideration and conversion. You’re making a big mistake if your business is not advertising on Facebook.

Get started, Grow Results, Expand Rapidly with Apex.

Apex is one of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai, India.

With a team of 100+ members, we create, monitor, and optimize Facebook Ads for your business. Our agency manages over 2000 + Facebook Ads for different clients. We help our clients develop marketing campaigns to grow their business.

We increase your brand awareness, traffic, lead generation and conversion with effective Facebook ads. We have a proven track record in delivering Facebook Advertising campaigns to increase sales volume by an enormous amount.

Why Choose Apex for Facebook Ads?

We don’t just run your ads, We bring life to your business.

  • We have the experience you need: We have the experience of developing successful campaigns that drive revenue.
  • We provide you with insight to grow your business: For every advertising campaign we work on, we make sure to track your return on investment.
  • We can support you in all of your Facebook advertising needs: Whether brand awareness, reach, website traffic, engagement, lead generation, conversions, we can help you to support your business needs.

Facebook Ads Services for Your Business

Facebook ads are a must-have for any business willing to promote their services and products on the internet. Advertising is not just restricted to Google’s search engine result pages and websites these days. Social media also plays a highly significant part in helping people enhance their marketing efforts. That is why Facebook ad services are increasing in popularity. No matter which sort of business you run, you can take advantage of these services. All you need to do is start looking for the best company that offers quality services at the most reasonable prices possible. The result will be an increase in brand awareness and enhancement in the way you engage with your target audience.

Are you also looking to gain the benefits? Then, you need to hire the best Facebook advertising company in India. Why? How? Let’s answer these questions and many more in the sections below. Read on!

Importance of Facebook ads

With more than two billion monthly active users, it’s no surprise that more brands are diving into Facebook’s advertising options and discovering the different ways they can benefit from them.

  • Facebook advertising has ability to reach your exact audience.
  • Facebook advertising is fast and drives immediate results.
  • Facebook advertising increases brand awareness.
  • Facebook advertising boost website traffic.
  • Facebook advertising drives revenue, sales, and leads.
  • Facebook advertising is measurable.
  • Facebook advertising increases your customer attribution.
  • Facebook advertising builds engagement with target audience.
  • Facebook advertising is budget-friendly.
  • Facebook advertising is real-time

Make connections that matter.

With any budget, you can run Facebook ads to grow your business.

Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, Facebook ad is the best way to communicate with people and engage them.

Marketing is not simple, but thanks to Facebook advertising for making things simpler, easier and faster.

Achieve your business goals.

Not all businesses are alike. Facebook understands this, and that’s why Facebook is built to help your business meet its specific goals.

Tell your brand’s story beautifully on any device.

Facebook ad formats and pages are made to capture people attention and prompt action. Facebook offer creative flexibility, work across devices and are built to help you reach your goals.

Use the power of Facebook ads

Facebook ads work really well because they’re relevant for people. They are easy to create and measure for businesses.

More than two billion individuals use Facebook every day. That is why Facebook is an excellent platform for the promotion of your products and services and for reaching many individuals who are your target audience. Moreover, Facebook offers its users a large number of advertising opportunities, making it ideal for business owners to execute different advertising approaches on this social networking site. With the help of a good Facebook ads agency, you will be able to achieve your business goals. The best part about Facebook is that you get to devise many different types of ads that will help your business engage with a large number of people. These include photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and lead ads.

Types of Facebook ads that we do?

Photo ads

Promote your new products with engaging photo ads. Photo ad is an image that helps to showcase a new product or service. Photo ad is a great way to tell people you are and what you do. With photo ads on Facebook, your business can capture people attention and encourage them to take some form of action.

Video ads

Make your business a success with unstoppable video ads. Video ads for your advertising on Facebook can help you build engagement with your audience. Sell more stuff and score more leads with an irresistible video ad. Turn your advertising ideas into business-boosting video ads, which can be short and long based on the message you want to communicate.

Carousel ads

Get creative to highlight different aspects of your products with carousel ads. A carousel ad uses multiple photos or videos along with text to showcase your product or service. By using up to 10 photos or videos, businesses can highlight different benefits of a product.

Slideshow ads

Tell your brand’s story beautifully through engaging slideshow ads. Just like video, slideshow Facebook ads have eye-catching motion. Slideshow ads provide an easy way to create short video ads from a collection of still photos or video clips to create an immersive experience quickly. Slideshow ads use 5X less data than videos, which means people with slower internet connections and older devices can easily access the ad.

Lead ads

Feed your sales funnel with lead ads. Lead ads are specifically designed to get contact information of potential customers with ease. Lead ads can take many forms- quote or demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and more. People can simply tap your ad, and a form pops up. With lead ads, your customers can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business.

How to get started with Facebook ads?

Set your objectives

Decide on your marketing objectives. Is it about brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, lead generation, conversions? The objectives provide you with direction and keep you on track to achieve them. Make sure that your goal is something you have the time, money and resources to meet.

Select your audience

Selecting the audience is very important for your business. Reaching the wrong audience might hurt your business. Narrow down Facebook’s two billion users and pick the right audience that is more relevant to your Facebook ad. On Facebook, you can advertise to people by location, age, gender, interest and even behaviours. Make Facebook ads to reach the right audience, so it will connect, engage and convert.

Decide where you want to place the ad

What is useful with Facebook is that you can decide where you want to put your ad. Facebook Stories, news feeds, video feed, messenger inbox, Facebook right column, Facebook marketplace- options are many to make people interact with your ad.

Set your budget

Facebook lets you set an amount to spend over the ad. If you want to make sure you’re not exceeding your budget, you can set some limitations for your ad campaign. Manage to run ads with the right budget and there are two types of budget – daily and lifetime budget. Both options have benefits and define when your campaign should stop.

Pick a format

The variety of ad formats on Facebook allow you to tailor your campaign to different objectives and target audiences. The option includes photo, video, carousel, slideshow, lead ads, dynamic ads, messenger ads.


Preview your ad to see what the ad looks like on Facebook.

What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook?

There are many benefits associated with advertising your business and its offerings on Facebook. These include:

  • Reaching a large number of audience
  • An increase in brand awareness
  • Boosted social media engagement of your brand
  • More traffic on the website, means more leads and more conversions
  • Ability to target specific audience
  • Measurable results
  • Affordable way of marketing for businesses of all kinds
  • Increased customer attribution

More revenue generation for your business

If you want to stay assured that you will be able to avail these benefits, then you must definitely consider hiring a good Facebook advertising agency India.

What companies should use Facebook ad management services?

We hope that you have understood the importance of Facebook ads and the benefits associated with employing a Facebook advertising agency India to take care of your advertising campaigns. Now, let us understand which businesses need to use these services.

Facebook ads services are generally a must-use for businesses of all kinds and sizes and across all sectors. But these are specifically more beneficial for companies who want to:

  • Make lasting connections with their target audience
  • Enhance their brand awareness
  • Optimize their advertising efforts
  • Gain a competitive edge

Save time and money on marketing campaigns

What features should one look for in a Facebook ad services provider?

Are you looking for the best Facebook advertising services India? Then, here are some features that you must seek when choosing the ideal one for your business:

  • Years of experience working on Facebook ads
  • Variety of tools used for analytics and reporting
  • Positive testimonials from past clients
  • Impressive track record
  • Flexibility in working approaches
  • Excellent communication skills and transparency
  • Professional attitude
  • Appropriate and affordable pricing plans

If you are looking for the best Facebook marketing agency, you must definitely join hands with Apex Infotech India. We are a leading SEO Company in India that is capable of understanding the different needs of each of our clients. Hence, we can personalize an advertising campaign specifically for you. Apart from SEO Services and digital marketing services like Facebook ads, we also specialize in several website design and development services, thereby ensuring that you get all you need to enhance your presence in the digital sphere in one place. Get in touch with us today to know more about our services and affordable pricing plans!

What metrics do Facebook ad services measure?

Here is a list of the metrics that a Facebook ads agency India will measure for your business:

  • Return on Ad Spend or ROAS
  • Conversion Rate
  • Results
  • Cost per Result
  • Impressions
  • Cost Per 1000 Impressions or CPM
  • Frequency
  • Spend

Facebook Ads FAQs

Considering specific demographics and interests when optimizing your Facebook ads ensures that you are targeting the individuals who are interested in your products or services. This means that you are targeting people who are more likely to take action in your favor.

The most significant benefit of meta advertising is that businesses can reach their target audience more efficiently with this mode of marketing.

In contrast to a marketing agency, a Facebook Ads Agency will help your business by communicating your brand’s message to the target audience in an effective manner.

The different analytics and reporting tools that a Facebook advertising agency uses to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns include:

  • Metrics Watch
  • Polymer Search
  • AdEspresso
  • Quintly
  • Agency Analytics

A Facebook advertising agency will help you create engaging and captivating content and creatives that will pique the interest of your target audience. This way, they will help you enhance the visibility of your brand on the internet.

You should consider hiring a Facebook ads agency India like Apex Infotech India for your business because it offers you the expertise and experience that will not only help you optimize your Facebook advertisements but also provide detailed insights into the progress of your campaigns.

Yes, many Facebook advertising agencies also have an in-house design team. Hence, they can help you with the designing and creation of content for your ads.


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