Digital Marketing Best way for Make More Sales Online

Digital marketing is the most effective method for increasing online sales.

digital marketing best way for make more sales online

Why is digital marketing the best way to make more sales online? 

1. Honesty is the best sales policy

Imagine if you were dealt with a brand which turned out to be a fraud in terms of what they claimed to be?
Feel the disappointment already?

So, let’s focus on not letting your brand’s audience feel the same about your brand.

No matter what your brand is, keep being transparent.

Whenever there is a sales copy issue, stay true to your facts and figures.

This approach will give the audience a clear indication about your intentions and their faith in your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small firm.
Show how proud you are, even if you are small.
Today’s audience is actually turning towards small firm because of the personalization effect.

The truer and more honest you are about what your brand is and the more upfront you are about it, the more it will affect your brand’s credibility.

2. Get fixes with Ad extension, letting you get more Ad clicks

This feature available in both AdWords and Bing allows your brand to take more space and places to post your ad and that too without any extra cost.
All this leading to an increase in your ad’s click rate.

It has direct CTA and also brings a lot of traffic to your brand’s website.

There’s an example below for you to understand how it will work.
Whichever variation of the brand’s ad you click, it will lead you to the brand’s page.

This will actually lead in bringing potential customers to your website, excluding the competitor’s brand.

Are you already excited enough to try it? Go ahead.

3. You have a great team and a lovely customer trust base, so why not show it off?

How amazed do you feel when you read about some great testimonials and about what people have to say about a brand?
Already smiling? Exactly.

Today’s world is all about what goes on in and around a social environment.

And in this social environment, reviews and feedback play a huge role in contributing as a loaded social weapon for your brand.

The satisfaction of people with your brand will pull more potential customers towards you. This will lead to more traffic and sales.

For example:
Click here to learn what people have to say about us.

This can be put up anywhere near the landing pages, home pages, product pages, or even the checkout gate, if possible.

Such types of visual representations can show and build trust in people, leading to more people engaging with your brand.

So, when people love your brand, let others know!

4. Grab it before you lose it!

There are positive responses when people sense there’s some kind of offer, limited-time voucher, etc.
There are various strategies that will make it possible for customers to click on the links to avail themselves of such offers.

It is not compulsory to bind them with money offers; sometimes even time-bound offers work wonders. You can even add a limited edition to the collection you just uploaded, free shipping, etc.

In fact, AdWords gives you the option to display countdown and seasonal offer ads.

No matter how you use this “Grab it before you lose it” type of urgency, it has always worked to increase sales. Such offers get a hold on people. Leading to higher sales.

5. If you are not satisfied, the money is yours to take back!

When we invest in something, we need the satisfaction of investing in good hands or a
good product.
same applies with our customers.

One thing to remember is the power of customer satisfaction.

When anyone buys from your brand, it’s like a small risk they’re taking towards you and if you fail to do so, it is your responsibility to make them feel that their investment is theirs to take back.

When you remove a risk from their end, they’ll remove a risk from your end.

They are likely to come to you as they know that you value their investment in you.

6. Limited choices, more conversion!

What? Limited choices?
NO! We should have more choices, right?

But honestly, no.

The thing with having a huge variety is that people often get confused as to what to go for.
This confusion drops the chances of a potential sale.

But if you have a large variety of products, you need not worry!

Just know how to structure your website for people to get a sense of what a huge collection you have. But make sure you don’t confuse them between products.

Visitors on your site obviously look for something specific, but once it gets too specific, that’s where their interest will start to fall.

Narrow down your categories and show them individual products.

This will ease their way into knowing where the product they want is and what the few variations are.

Do it either way, but do not let them wander on your website, as they’ll bounce off very quickly.

7. Find similar audiences on Facebook

It might sound weird but there are audiences similar to yours on Facebook.

If there are certain people who like pizza, there’s a high possibility that they like pasta too.

So, target audiences who’ll find your product or service relevant to what they are already associated to.

For example:

If you have a beauty salon, then people who go for spas
on a regular basis, can be your target audience too.

Facebook gives you the option to find a similar reach to optimize your reach.
This similar reach contains behaviours, databases, and characteristics that share and engage with your kind of audience.

Facebook cross-references your data in order to obtain information and data that matches your criteria.

This is a great way to expand your audience effectively with minimal effort, leading to higher sales.

8. Clear the hurdles at the checkout

I mean, honestly, nobody will want to waste time just because a website has too many processes for a payment.

It should be a quick, easy, and on-the-go kind of process.

They want to buy something, and for that, they shouldn’t be navigating here and there to make the payment possible.
This will drop their interest in buying, and they will eventually hit the back button.

Many websites have lost their potential clients because of frictions in their checkout gate ways. Cut the hurdles, cut all the unnecessary steps, save the payment process time and make it very short.

9. Give them as many payment methods as possible

Now that everything has come to e-money, not everyone is going to use one kind of application to make a specific payment.

And, even if they do, the odds are that sometimes those payment methods won’t work.
So, give them as many payment methods as possible.

If one doesn’t work, they can always go with the other.
This will stop them from backing out of buying the particular product.

Sometime customers also ask whether one is okay with paying half payments from one method and the other half from another.

They’ll ask questions like this.
‘Oh, google pay? Do you have Apple pay? Or say Paytm etc.

At that time, if you do not have other methods, it in itself is a loss.

How many times has your card declined while shopping and you would otherwise have made an online payment?
It works in a similar way.

10. High-end quality pictures of your products!

Oh, and tell me how?

Aren’t we all glued to the HD quality of viewing?
A normal-quality picture won’t even attract our eyes anymore.
And if you have such good products, why not take HD-quality pictures to enhance their specifications?
We all know how appearance affects us in terms of perceiving things; this will work the same way on your website.

Include a wide variety of HD-quality images, but do not overdo them.
EXCLUDE Tiny thumbnails, poorly taken shots, dull backgrounds, etc.

Obviously, every person coming on your website is going to toss on the pictures to see what kind of products you have to offer.

So why not show them the best!

11. CTA Instead of your Landing Pages

Don’t get me wrong, but your landing pages confuse people as to how, what and why.
So, cut it short and directly provide them with the action step they need.

The option of ‘call only’ campaigns in Facebook and AdWords sets an excellent example of cutting the process short to directly the action required to be taken.

Because it makes a lot more sense to directly hand them what they’re looking out for.

This call-only ad of yours can actually lead you to bring in a huge number of calls on a daily basis, as it cuts down on the process of making a sales funnel.

It is one of the best ways to bring valuable leads to your business.

12. Try Gmail Ads

You follow your potential customers almost everywhere, so why not hit them in their inboxes too?

In an era where advertisers have already figured their customers online, google has made one of the most intriguing tools to reach their customers in boxes.

But you might ask, How does it know what to put forward and how?
So, here’s what happens:

Gmail ads target users based on their activities on their personal accounts and appear in the promotions tab.

Since their invention in 2013, they were earlier called Gmail sponsored promotions and became available to the general public by 2015, now known as Gmail Ads.

Here are some amazing Gmail Ad tips

Check your Gmail Quality Score

Check your cost per click vs. click-through rate.
This will give you a lot of information as to how much to invest and how to do it.

In order to achieve perfect results, you must have a really engaging email and irresistible headline. Work on those terms.

Check out your email marketing performance
Hardly some are aware that they can actually check their email marketing performances.

Use tools like Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. to pull out an email performance report.

The use of Emojis

You expected this to come up, didn’t you?

Of course, in a world of digitalized expressions of emotions, we all connect with them so easily. For a matter of fact, it also makes everything so easy to relate to.

And with inboxes full of other mail, it’s very difficult to grab the attention of the viewer. So emojis come to the rescue.

Emojis make the pop-up lines so interesting, especially on a mobile screen where one can actually read half of the mail via the notifications in the lock screen.

So, use emojis that are relevant according to the content that you’re posting.
Adding emojis increases approximately 30% of the rate of opened emails.

But make sure these emojis actually relate to what you have to offer in the mail.

Go back to the love of keyword targeting

When hot prospects turn cold and people who have subscribed to you have barely opened your mail in a while, you can re-approach them via their recent activities through the keywords.

So, it makes sense to target the people who were in our funnel, as they are approachable.

So, targeting people who are familiar with your brand will bring in engagement again.

Leading to greater scope and going back to your target audience with the targeted words.

Dive deeper into your mail Analytics

The rate of people opening your mail is important, but further, it is more important to know what they do after opening your ad.

Gmail has specific metrics which will help you figure out how your whole campaign has worked.
It is vital to turn on the metrics to get the analysis.

Use the 4 types of Ad formats

Yes! There are different types of Ad formats that Gmail provides.

1. The image template
2. Single promotion template
3. The multi-product template
4. The catalog template

Try and incorporate all of these formats; you’ll find that different kind of formats work on different kind of audience.
Different kind of offers go hand in hand with different types of formats.

For example:
If there’s more stuff to click on the ad, then there’s a chance of people clicking on it and finding interesting things to click on.

13. State your message clearly across your Campaigns and your website

Imagine if you just clicked on a specific brand’s ad and it took you to the website’s main
page or leaves you on a page with a wide variety of the same brand’s product,

tell me, how quickly are you going to turn back?
Pretty much ASAP.

That’s precisely what will happen if you do not keep the messages clear

so that while clicking on the ad, the viewer knows what it is looking out for.

And you need to make sure you land them on the same exact product-specific space.

This will help convert ad clicks into sales.

14. Respond to all that your customer has to say, even the negatives

It is actually very dangerous of you to assume that whatever product or service you’re providing, the customer has full knowledge about it or even about it or even about the type of market the product is in. And it is vice-versa too.

There are times when companies believe that they have all the knowledge about the market but in reality, it gets worse.
This leads to a major disaster from both sides. As the company won’t be able to answer all the objections and
questions, the audience will throw towards them.

So, it is indispensable that you draw out all the possible scenarios of your product or service and place them accordingly on your website.

Think about all the doubts and queries the audience might have and state them clearly in the FAQ’s.

This might seem as a crazy idea but you are actually just handing over the information your audience might need.

This will also help you to build a crisp, specific and precise copy.

But keep in mind to build a copy which is audience-oriented and not company-oriented.
Nobody will want to hear how awesome your company is.

15. Who doesn’t love free gifts or say give a way?

Oh, you don’t need to tell me your love for free stuffs! I totally get it.


The more free stuff you get, the more attracted you’ll be with that particular brand, leading you to buy more from that brand.

So, the key is FREE stuffs!

No matter what business you hold, there’s something that you can obviously give away for free and of course, when it brings potential customers in.

It’s not only the best way to attract people, but it is also a way to introduce people to your brand and lure them to buy on a repetitive basis.

16. Dig and create Detailed Buyer Personas

The way Facebook has granulated down everything obviously leaves us no space to think more, and it might even sound crazy about how detailed we’re going into the lives of our audiences, but it is necessary.

The better you know about your audience, the better insights you might have about them, helping you to design better content and push your viewers to a different level of attraction towards your brand, product or service.

17. Execute Tiered Pricing

It’s our human psychology that makes us go for the mid-expensive product.

For example-
When you go to a mall, mid-range clothes are always kept on the eye line.

This is because they want to manipulate you into thinking you’re getting the best of the offer.

One would always select the best in terms of what they’re offered at eye level. This is often called “decoy pricing”.

Often, it happens when there are 2 prices involved but when there’s a third price, you understand that the middle one offers you the best in terms of quality and also in terms of pricing.

There will obviously be people who’ll opt out for the expensive clothes, and even if they do that, then that’s a bonus anyway.

18. Pop-ups to remind them about engaging!

These pop-ups can be any pop-ups.

Regarding a signup, a free trial, give-away or simple subscription,.

Do not ignore the power of such pop-ups.

Even if people don’t actually use the promo offer, you still have their email and other data to give you information about what they might be interested in.

They can later turn into potential sales

19. Optimize the way people are using Mobile phones

We all know how much we love our phones and how much use their features.

How many times have we simply uninstalled a particular application just because it wasn’t delivering what we were actually looking out for?

1000s of times?


This is exactly what we are talking about here.

Mobile search, mobile shopping, mobile payments everything has become mobile-savvy.

It’s imperative that your website be mobile-friendly
as different versions of your website are already in the minds of people who have tried your website.

Make it as easy as possible for mobile visitors to buy whatever you’re selling them. Give them proper navigation and a smooth user experience.

Don’t give out way too much or even ask way too much.

Give them exactly what they want and they’ll come asking for more.

Do not expect the mobile users to finish their buying process in one go.

That is for sure, definitely not happening in the near future.

But keep giving a reminder and a push towards buying the product.

This might convert into a potential sale later.

While designing for your mobile visitors, think from their point of view and do everything possible to build it in their way.
Effortless, to the point and smooth.

20. Keep your new customers amazed by impressive follow-up Emails

We obviously want to retain our customers, don’t we?

But are we following what is required to actually fill it?

Sadly no.

Most of the business’s customer experience dies when they get the sales completed, but retention goes way beyond that.

To increase your online sales volume, make sure that you have a really impressive, personal, and genuine follow-up procedure to show you actually care for them, as it’s their new purchase, and obviously for you, many will be new buyers.

So their order details, the tracking, the delivery, the post-delivery, and the post-usage of the product.

Every step matters’ and so does every review.

The more attention you pay towards them, the more likely they’re to adore you, bringing in loyalty.

When they order something, give it to them for free.
or tell them to show you what they felt about the product.

Give them thoughtful insights into the product they just bought.

For example:
If they brought clothing, show them ways they can try it out and how they can style it.

all of these actions to be taken in the follow-up emails.

21. Target your Value Proposition, Make it very obvious.

After all, why should one buy from you?

People aren’t looking out to actually buy things; they just want to fulfill their requirement and solve their problems.

Honestly speaking, 70% of the people aren’t even true-blue towards a brand; they don’t even care what brand it is until their purpose is fulfilled.

Here’s why your brand should come in to the picture:.

You should give your audience a promising product so that they don’t go to your competitors and you should make sure that you deliver that value to them as they’re investing in you.

There are 3 main aspects of Value proposition

Pertinent: How your product/service will solve the customer’s problems

Measurable Value: The specific benefits people will get from your product/service

Discrimination: How different is your company from the competitor’s company for people to buy from you?

When you jot these points down, it becomes easy for you to focus and stand out. Everything shifts from a small perspective to a micro one.

Focus on the point: have you made your value proposition obvious?

Are people aware about what your product is and how different it is from others?

Does your prospect see what it is to associate with a brand like yours?

One thing is for sure: the greater the value perceived by your audience, the greater sales you’ll make. So, in every digital strategy, try to include your value proposition, email copies, social media, mobile marketing and even
your traditional terms of marketing.

Where ever possible,.

22. Understand the customer’s voice and use it for better Ad Campaigns

It is obvious that your audience will face some kind of hurdles or pain point in terms of understanding or handling a product or service.

Or even the kind of expectations they had from you while you were targeting a particular message towards them.

So, to make things easier, use their language to make them understand.
All of them is done while during market research and focus testing.

The results are going to help you make better and more audience-oriented digital copies.
You may use terms, phrases, words and symbols used by customers in their daily life.

23. Examine your Character points and your conversion paths

You might feel everything is going smoothly and there’s nothing to worry about but trust me, there might be caution ahead

Go back and check your rates, and you may find your rates just falling miserably.

And it isn’t a problem of a clear message or your brand positioning but an unclear idea of when the conversions happen.

You may find that some parts in your marketing strategy actually have a big influence on your online sales.

Your conversions may actually affect your conversion rate.
I.e., people always find it really reliable when your company comes up at the top of organic searches and then sees a relatable ad on a social media platform.

So here, you need to invest more on a social media platform to remarket your character points.

24. Have a word with your online audience

I mean, let’s be real: who doesn’t like it when the brand actually considers you, talks to you, and actually listens to you?

Nothing can beat this response towards the audience.

It often gets overlooked, but companies are now working towards engaging with potential online clients.

It is like a major tool towards achieving sales targets.

It will not only help you achieve brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, but it will also lead to increased online sales.

Being honest with them and being on their toes for your customers is one goal every customer looks out for in a brand.

It can also bring out proud advertising by your audience, leading you to grab a lot of attention on social media.

But you need to deal with both negatives and positives.

25. Close the deal using remarketing!

The last step is yet to be taken; the product has been in their cart since yesterday, and all they need is to check out!

So, how long are you going to wait for them to take the step?

Huh, that isn’t helping.

Go, remarket using attractive and catchy banners, and flash them in front of them to push them to complete the process!

Remarketing is the most important tool any company needs to use time and again in order to attain its target.

26. Funnel Optimization

We all now know what a funnel is, (read here to learn what marketing funnel is.)

But there are certain business aspects that require fulfillment, and that can only be done once you filter out the customer service funnel and operational funnel.

The main goal of a funnel is to move as many people as possible to the next step of your funnel.

There are various ways to carry out this, like educational blog posts, videos, and very efficiently via email.

By optimizing your funnel process, it helps you focus on moving potential prospects down the funnel and turning them into potential buyers.

And you don’t need to move every prospect down the funnel—just the right ones.

27. Customer Lifecycle Optimization makes sense!

I mean, from a business point of view, it is way more sensible to retain our customers than actually target new ones.

I do not mean that we shouldn’t, but the existing client base is something that will always push us for more.

They are always ready to upgrade to our premium policies and switch to better quality with us.

Which means we already have gained their trust and are still building better trust.

We have made them understand how we operate and won’t go somewhere they won’t feel comfortable.

So, having a strong client base and optimizing it is the best tool to increase sales online.

Along with this, you need to have a strong digital marketing strategy
targeting towards them to build consistent and customized experience at every point of your business.

So, customer lifecycle optimization makes total sense!

28. Videos and your conversion pages!

Tell me one thing: hasn’t it happened that when you see a video relating to a specific product, you kind of engage more towards buying it?

Because it shows you what you can have.

Not only the conversion pages, but in general, while browsing any website, you’ll feel more drawn when you watch a video.

So, use this to pull customers towards you.

29. Incorporate disintermediate selling

Umm, how many times have you actually bought something slightly more expensive than your budget because something attracted you?

Quite some time?

Yeah, you’re getting there

When you buy a superior-range product when you actually finalize on some other product, this up-scale is called disintermediate selling.

And this happens in the online market too.

When 2 or 3 same products are shown but of different brands, or the same brand but having slightly different variations and are featured in a way that you’ll find the mid-priced product to be your

This is called up-selling or disintermediate selling.

It’s like opting for a superior product just because of the way it was put up to you.

30. Real-time chat

Answer their queries real time.

There are times when visitors on your profile cannot find the relevant information they are looking out for and in that case, your live chat can come to the rescue and help them navigate with what they want.

This not only increases the chance of them staying longer on the website but also makes it possible for you to bring them into the funnel and lead them along.

The real-time response generates immediate contact with the visitor, giving you a chance to help them and keep them engaged.

All of these amazing techniques and strategies leading you to the transformation of your business; imagine what will be like when every company starts implementing them?


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