What Makes a CMS Website Popular?

CMS is a user-friendly tool that aids in website development and easy management, enabling users to create and modify digital content.

what makes a cms-website popular

In today’s technology-savvy world, having a website is extremely important for the growth of your business and creating an image for your company that will help you attract and retain customers. However, not all of us have a clear idea of how to design a website or are comfortable with technology, here is where CMS comes in!

CMS which stands for Content Management system is a technique designed to assist users to develop their websites and hassle-free oversee it’s functioning. It is a management system that creates and modifies digital content.

CMS helps multiple people to work on one project or digital content as a website. It creates a collaborative setting wherein different people, depending on their permission levels work on a project, where they generate, edit and put out webpages, articles, press releases, blogs, etc.

Content management system works the best for businesses who want a website for their operations and want to ensure that their customers love it, but also do not wish to be caught up and stalled by the technical details that go into the website designing and functioning.

Every business is different but there are some characteristics of a website that every business requires. A well-performing CMS must have these characteristics that make it efficient for the business.

These characteristics are effortless administration, weighty publishing tools, built-in SEO tools, social media integration, comprehensive analytics, easy workflow and publishing controls, security, multi-platform competent, excellent support, multi-tiered permissions, robust content templates, provision for voice search, comprehensive search, versioning for fast rollback and business configuration.

There are many advantages of using CMS for any website. These advantages make the CMS websites more popular than other websites. Some of the perks of using a CMS website are listed below.


CMS is very user-friendly and allows anyone with permission to make changes in the website like upload content like write-ups, pictures, etc. It does not require technical knowledge or prior development experience, any approved user can edit, publish and archive content.


CMS provides a collaborative work environment that enables work division and also provides input from various members on the team. It helps enhance communication and manage roles between the approved members.


A CMS allows users to control and manage their content in present-time ensuring that the content is always immaculate and up to the mark. It also has an underlying structure so that update and make the website more functional without any difficulties.


CM systems provide straightforward, flexible, achievable and an inexpensive solution for businesses of any magnitude and individuals too. It permits any business to position content on their site with utmost ease that attracts more customers and traffic to the website.


Content management system does not code the information in the webpages of any website but rather extracts the content from files that can be very easily accessed by a permitted user. It is combined with active web content which permits information to be changed and recycled whenever needed.


One of the greatest benefits of CMS is that any business is not reliant on any external merchant when it comes to their website. They permit the user to allocate work, make changes and see the development whenever they wish to. This means that the user is in charge of their website.

There are many popular CM systems used by and available to current businesses and organisations. Some of the top CM systems are WordPress, Drupal, Jhoomla, Magento, Blogger, Shopify among others.

WordPress is considered the ruler of websites. According to recent surveys, WordPress commands nearly 60% of all CM systems and nearly 30% of ALL the websites are run by WordPress. Some of the most popular websites that run on WordPress are The Rolling Stones, BBC Earth, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, etc.

After WordPress, there are Jhoomla and Drupal, who controls 6.6% and 4.6% of the total CMS market. Their clients include Harvard University, Linux and Holiday Inn.

Magento and Blogger have clients like Bulgari, Land Rover, Hyperbole and a Half, etc.

All CM systems come with their benefits which makes them stand out and become more popular than others. Some are more popular because of the benefits that they provide but in all, they make the website design and developing an easy task to accomplish.

In the end, choosing the best CMS for your business is not about what others recommend and prefer but about what is trending and what gets the people excited to click on your site.


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