Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO services optimize product and category pages using advanced strategies and platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and BigCommerce, enhancing search engine rankings and driving organic traffic.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Technology is best when it brings people together, this maxim sounds good when you are using improved and user-friendly technology. These kinds of refining technology will not only help you generate more leads, however, will play a paramount role in the reference marketing sector. The USP (Unique selling product) of your company can only reach out to people if they are properly visible to them. This is only possible when you are using an impeccable eCommerce SEO service provider.

A righteous e-commerce SEO company would rather work on your demands than just swank about how good they are. Any establishment is well aware of the fact that to escalate organic traffic, one needs to reach out to the maximum audience, and for that, all you need the perfect e-commerce SEO agency in India. It is no hidden fact that SEO is the best way to generate speedy, powerful user-friendly websites which helps your company to generate more leads and sales. Below are a few benefits of e-commerce SEO services at Apex.

  • Helps to build brand awareness
  • Higher sales and leads
  • 24/7 promotion
  • Builts sense of trust and reliability
  • A long term planning
  • Gives better conversions
  • Increase referrals and many more.


When you choose Apex for your e-commerce SEO marketing services, we allocate an e-commerce SEO expert to cater to all your requirements. According to a survey report, A small organization generated approximately $103,510.98 in just a small period.

So this is the right time if you are looking for the best and reliable e-commerce SEO service in India, Apex is all that you need to choose.

Ecommerce Seo Services

Why are Ecommerce SEO Services Important?

Now let us reveal some important and incredible facts and figures about the e-commerce SEO services.

Ecommerce SEO Connects You with High-Value Shoppers

According to research, Indian e-commerce CAGR is estimated to reach about 23% from 2016 to 2021, which is approximately around 329.1 million people. This huge number of people are going to shop online for their demands and for the services they need. At Apex, we make sure that with our e-commerce SEO services your establishment reaches out to the maximum crowd. We have the best e-commerce SEO expert in India.

Ecommerce SEO Optimizes Your Entire Product Line

Traffic and sales are directly proportional to each other. If your website succeeds in gathering enough traffic, then automatically it will reflect on your sales. To optimize your entire product line, e-commerce SEO is the best tool to opt for. We at Apex, work day and night to turn this task done.

Ecommerce SEO Improves Your Online Visibility

Better visibility to your company’s profile is only possible via an attractive and informative website. Once you complete your e-commerce website development, your next step is an SEO service which will help you increase the traffic, and then boom! Your website can be seen by millions of people through e-commerce SEO services.

Ecommerce SEO Is a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

There is nothing to unveil in this thing that Ecommerce SEO services are more cost-effective than any paid advertisement strategy. For a fact, the average PPC (pay per clip) considering most of the industries are somewhere around $2.32. So it is baseless to spend your bucks on something which you can create on your own.

Ecommerce SEO Provides Long-Term Revenue

The website of your company will not rest or die. No matter in what circumstances, the process of revenue generation will continue. Any business takes time to reach their top level, and in e-commerce SEO to it will hardly take you 8-12 months to reach the top. And once you are there, there is no coming back until and unless there are some changes in Google algorithms. So, if you want to choose an appropriate e-commerce SEO company in India, Apex is your destination.

Ecommerce SEO Helps You Compete Against Competitors

Creating brand awareness and making loyal customers are a tough competition to your competitors. We at Apex, make sure you enjoy that.

What do our e-commerce SEO services include?

Custom eCommerce SEO Strategy

Apex Infotech India also specializes in curating a customized eCommerce SEO strategy for your business website. We have the most dedicated team of experts who understand that each business is different and, hence, has a different set of needs, goals, and preferences. Therefore, we will sit with you to understand these parameters and then come up with the best strategy for your business. Whether you are a new business looking to establish your presence in the digital sphere or you are the owner of a chain of industries who wishes to enhance their website, Apex Infotech India is here to help you!

Technical Website Analysis

Do you want to get a technical audit run on your website? Do you want to ensure that your website is technically sound so that it loads quickly and provides the best experience to your customers? Then, you need to run a technical analysis or eCommerce SEO audit on your website with the help of a professional company like Apex Infotech India. We ensure that the overall health score of your website is optimum. We also check the Core Web Vitals of your website. Furthermore, we will analyze your website for technical SEO issues, user experience, website speed and security, link attributes, domain metrics, etc.

eCommerce Keyword Research and optimization

eCommerce content optimization is one of the primary aspects involved in the success of an online business. Hence, you must hire the services of an expert who will take care of various aspects like keywords research, on page optimization, and a lot more. On page optimization is essential for the success of your website on search engines. Suppose you are genuinely interested in enhancing the ranking of your website on search engine result pages. In that case, it is vital for you to target the right keywords and phrases and use proper internal linking techniques as a part of your SEO strategy. For this, you can hire the experts at Apex Infotech India.

Ecommerce Website Speed Optimization

eCommerce website speed optimization is essential if you want to increase the average time spent by visitors on your website, decrease the bounce rate, and ensure that you convert a more significant number of visitors into customers. Hence, you need to take the help of eCommerce SEO services, which will help you increase the speed of your website. This involves conducting an audit of your website, discussing this with your current hosting provider, optimizing your images, limiting HTTP requests, and reducing file sizes for the optimization of your website’s performance. Our team will also track 404 errors and make your website mobile-friendly.

Complete Ecommerce SEO Services Audit

Are you willing to ensure that your eCommerce website is top-notch in terms of SEO optimization? Then, you need to conduct a complete eCommerce SEO audit on your website with the help of the best company like, Apex Infotech India. A professional audit of your website with the help of our professional eCommerce SEO services will include three aspects – technical SEO audit, e-commerce SEO content audit, and off-page SEO audit. Our company specializes in fixing broken links, improving the load speed of your website, improving content quality, combating negative SEO, XML sitemaps, etc.

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Content is one of the primary aspects that helps your business rank higher on SERPs. Hence, it is important that you adopt the best eCommerce content strategy for your website. You can do this with the help of the best eCommerce content optimization services from Apex Infotech India. We conduct thorough keyword research for you, ensuring that you are targeting the right ones so that your chances of ranking higher on SERPs increase. We look at the current status of your content and hence devise the right content marketing strategy for you.

Internal Link Building

Internal linking is essential for the SEO success of a website. It refers to the linking of a page of a website to the content of another page of the same website. It involves the use of the right keywords, using the right anchor texts, and ensuring that the navigation of the website is made more accessible for your users. If you want to enhance your internal link building approaches, the best way to do this is to hire the services of a professional SEO company like Apex Infotech India. Our team members are aware of the latest trends and techniques in the field of SEO, especially link building. Hence, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your eCommerce website’s SEO needs.

Product Image Optimization

Image-based search engines like Google generate a lot of traffic to your website from the images you have published as a part of your content. For websites, it is essential to ensure that the product images and photos are carefully optimized. This way, the visibility of your website will be improved, and the amount of traffic reaching your website will also increase. Our customized eCommerce SEO strategy will involve the different aspects of product image optimization, like image file names, alt text, image sizes, image file types, image sitemap, and a lot more.

Category Optimization

If you have the rightly optimized category page for your eCommerce SEO website, you will be able to ensure that you boost the traffic coming to your website. Hence, you must add category optimization to your eCommerce SEO strategy. As a result of working with an efficient team of SEO experts from Apex Infotech India, you will be able to skyrocket your sales and profits.

Product Page Optimization

If you are interested in converting your visitors into buyers, then you need to ensure that you are also optimizing your product pages for SEO. For this purpose, you need to conduct proper keywords research and develop the best SEO strategy for your eCommerce website. But all this is not possible without the help of a seasoned expert. That is why you must hire the services of an eCommerce SEO agency like Apex Infotech India. We will take care of the different aspects that affect the ranking of your product pages in search engine result pages and hence ensure that you are all set for success.

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is one of the best tools that eCommerce companies can benefit from in order to succeed with SEO. Our team specializing in eCommerce SEO services will develop a Google Analytics setup for your website so that you are able to keep track of the various activities on your website, like session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session. You will also get information about the source of the traffic coming to your website.

Google Search Console Setup

Your eCommerce SEO strategy must also employ the use of Google Search Console. This free service is excellent for those willing to enhance the presence of their websites on Google Search results. If you are genuinely interested in improving Google’s approach towards your website, you must join hands with the best services from Apex Infotech India.

eCommerce SEO Experts Across All Platforms

WordPress SEO

The team at Apex Infotech India specializes in providing top-notch WordPress SEO services to businesses to ensure their success on the digital front. We take care of on-page analysis and optimization, schema markup, and sitemaps so that your website is well-optimized to rank higher on search engine result pages.

Shopify SEO

As one of the best eCommerce SEO services companies, we also offer Shopify SEO services to our clients. If you run an eCommerce business via the Shopify platform, you might be interested in enhancing your website’s canonical tags, XML, and robots and preventing duplicate content. If this is the case, you need to join hands with Apex Infotech India.

Magento SEO

Magento SEO is a dynamic field, and the trends and techniques in this field are constantly changing. If you wish to ensure your Magento eCommerce website is performing well on search engine result pages, you will need to employ the efficient services of Apex Infotech India. We have a team of experts who have cracked the right recipe for the success of your business on the internet. Hence, you can rely on us for the best possible results with Magento SEO.

WooCommerce SEO

Many businesses are turning to WooCommerce as a trusted platform to host their eCommerce business. However, many of them find it difficult to rank their products higher on SERPs. If you don’t want to end up among these people, you need to ensure that you are using the best WooCommerce SEO techniques. And for this, you must join hands with Apex Infotech India, the best eCommerce SEO company!

Drupal e-commerce

If you want to improve the way you manage your products, transactions, and carts as an eCommerce business, then you need to optimize your online presence or Drupal SEO. Apex Infotech India will work with you to enhance the presence of your Drupal-run e-commerce store on the internet so that you get more buyers and, hence, are able to increase your sales.

Bigcommerce e-commerce

If you are willing to create an online store, BigCommerce is an excellent choice for you. And optimization of your e-commerce website on BigCommerce is extremely essential, whether you are a small business or a large one. You can avail of the services of Apex Infotech if you are willing to develop a sure-shot Big Commerce SEO strategy for your business.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO has become an essential service for businesses. It involves proper keyword research along with the optimization of your product listings so that you are better able to sell your products to a wide range of customers. With the help of the services of Apex Infotech India, you will be able to rank higher in SERPs for specific product pages and generate higher revenue.

Why choose Apex for Ecommerce SEO services?

If you are tired of trying every possible tool for getting more traffic and leads for your company, then all you need is Apex e-commerce SEO services. The foremost and prime agenda of Apex is to satisfy our customer’s demands and serving them with what they need. Getting a satisfactory feeling with your desired service can make a hole in your pocket, however, the scenario is different from Apex. We provide you with the service which will cater to your desires and quench your thirst for the right service. As you will start working with Apex, it will be very obvious for you to find out why we are the master of e-commerce SEO company!

We at Apex make sure that all that you experience with us stays as a good and pleasing memory. Choosing Apex for your e-commerce SEO services would be the best decision to do something better for your organization. We are a company, which will offer you a full package of e-commerce solution, will help to strategize in every manner, including planning and implementing the suitable website designs, developing your website and proper analysis of your SEO services for an e-commerce website.

Ecommmerce SEO Services FAQs

E-commerce SEO refers to the optimization of an eCommerce website so that it ranks higher on SERPs or search engine result pages. It involves a host of services and strategies like internal linking, keywords research, on page optimization, etc.

You can do SEO for an e-commerce website by coming up with an efficient eCommerce SEO strategy. This involves many seo factors that will help you expand your revenue. The best way to do so is to take the help of a professional company like Apex Infotech India.

E-commerce SEO varies from normal SEO because e-commerce SEO is focused on the optimization of an online store, as a result of which its popularity and sales are increased. On the other hand, regular SEO services are focused on enhancing the visibility and ranking of a website on SERPs.

Social media marketing is an essential part of e-commerce SEO services, and the most reputed and reliable SEO companies, like Apex Infotech India, will provide you with SMM solutions as a part of these services. Some companies may deny you this inclusion. Hence, it is important to choose the most professional company.


An e-commerce SEO company needs an SEO company like Apex Infotech India in order to ensure that they get more traffic to their website. This is because, with the help of the experts from an SEO agency, you will be able to optimize your website to rank better on SERPs.

There are many benefits that e-commerce SEO can offer to your business. These include optimization of your e-commerce website to increase its visibility on search engines like Google, Increase the traffic coming to it, and increase the ranking of your website.

Usually, e-commerce SEO services, when availed of from the best company like Apex Infotech India, take three to six months to show results.

With the help of an effective e-commerce SEO strategy from a professional service provider, you will be able to optimize your website technically, publish high-quality content, reduce the number of spam links, and use social media platforms to promote your products and services.

When you engage in external link building, you will be able to show the search engines that you are providing correct information to your visitors by providing them with more valuable resources in the form of outbound links. This is one of the most trusted approaches to a successful off page SEO.


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