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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a strategy that uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote products, services, and brand messages, engaging target audiences and fostering interaction.

Social Media Advertising

At Apex, With Our Social Media Marketing Agency

we lead people to what they want. One can never go wrong by investing in the contemporary practices of the digital world in order to scale up the business. With the advent of social media, the face of marketing has completely shifted from traditional word-of-mouth publicity to social media posts and hashtags.

Together, with our social media marketing company, let’s take the first step towards building brand value of your company, one like nowhere to be seen.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency

What’s our strategy for you?

About 250 million people in India adhere to social media in order to review products and make decisions. We, at Apex, are here to aid you in order to target this population with our unique social media marketing strategies customized and curated specially for you.

Target major social media platforms

We target all major social media platforms ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Our dedicated team then creates social media posts and advertisements in order to arrest attention of our target population leading to increasing brand awareness and sales of the services/ products.

Acquire leads

At Apex, we earn the attention of our customers. With the help of regular blogs and emails, we turn potential customers into your clients. We set specific and measurable goals in order to increase leads and conversion rate.

Original social media posts and custom images

Social media has the kind of reach that would not only accelerate your business, but also gives you the power to create the kind of image you desire. With the help of posts and custom made images created by our expert social media marketing agency for your brand, we, at Apex, give our word out to you.

Look-and –feel of your social media account

Do judge the book by its cover. Because social media cover and profile photo is something that would never go unnoticed by your consumers. At Apex, with our graphic designers and social media marketers, we would contrive a tailor-made cover and profile photo for your social media handles that would be judged positively.

Networking your way to success

Are you new here? Anxious about how things work? Cast all your worries away because we are here to create and completely optimize your social media accounts.

Analyzing your gains

We understand how important it is to know till where has one reach and how far is one performing in comparison with others. And thus, our social media marketing agency in India runs a thorough analysis on all your social media accounts in order to identify dissatisfied customers, negative comments and to detect the scope of improvement.

Brand advertisement and analysis

We understand how important it is to know till where has one reach and how far is one performing in comparison with others. And thus, our social media marketing agency in India runs a thorough analysis on all your social media accounts in order to identify dissatisfied customers, negative comments and to detect the scope of improvement.

Monthly consultations and reports

We firmly believe that communication is the key for every successful business. Therefore, our social media marketing company would interact with you proactively in terms of the leading progress and would set various objectives and goals for the following month. Along with that, the graphical representation of your success report would be discussed with you in detail and further strategies would be established.

Targeting the right audience for you

We take great pride in our social media marketing team who, with the help of their research, expertise, knowledge, skills and techniques would find what you are looking for. We survey the objectives of your company and the market structure, align it together and target the right audience for you with the help of our social media tools.

Calculating Social ROI

Every action has a reaction. Likewise, our every step taken to boost your social presence would result in observable outcomes. At Apex, we place extreme importance to results and thus our social media metrics, we assure you that your social ROI would be much more than just the tip of your fingers.

Skilled Social Media Manager and Monitoring

Success is not one big leap, but a combination of every small step. Your social media accounts are in safe hands with our proficient social media manager that would be specially assigned to you after a thorough skill analysis. Daily monitoring of your social media accounts by our team would gauge insights for improvement.

Where do we market your Business at?

Market research reveals that more than 75% of Indians are active users of social media handles. We have humungous potential to tap into and thus, a mere digital space, with the help of strategic marketing, can become a massive engagement program. At Apex, we engage with major social media handles like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in order to build your brand presence and attract your target audience.


Facebook is comprised of unity in diversity. We captivate this diversity in terms of Facebook ads in order to digitally engage our customers. With their e-commerce integration our expertise in marketing, we would turn potential customers into loyal buyers


Out of 700 million active users on Instagram, 50 % out of it dedicatedly follows brands and their updates. Our unique and engaging visual and written content in combination with the tools provided by Instagram will drive users on our page thus increasing our brand recognition.


The trending twitter can be used at our advantage in order to engage audience in a creative manner. The Hashtag game is targeted to communicate your product and digital ads are used in order to create a mindset about your brand at Twitter.


The network of people that LinkedIn caters to is phenomenal. Because LinkedIn is a business platform, we aim to deliver your services and products in a business-like fashion to generate credible outputs and increase network strength. Also, our experts would help you engage with like-minded people and understand the current functioning of your business.


With Pinterest, we will help you answer as to what makes you different from others. Our marketing team would create your Pinterest profile in a way that would not only generate traffic but would also create the ease with which people can gain your services/products.

Six benefits of our social media marketing strategies for your company:

  • Increase your brand strength and recognition- What’s in a name? Everything. With Apex, your brand recognition and strength is our responsibility. We employ the best of best in order to help your company reach new heights. Our unique strategies curated for you combined with your support would do the magic.

  • Increase your traffic, leads, and conversions-There is always a hardworking team behind every brand’s success. We will be that team for you. Our social media marketing company would devise immaculate plans in order to drive traffic on your social media handles and convert leads into potential customers.

  • Create unique and lasting brand awareness- Uniqueness never goes out of style. Sit back and relax, because we are here to create a lasting impact of your brand on your target audience.

  • Maintain the consistency of your brand- The monotony of consistency is taken very seriously at Apex. We do everything in our power in order to maintain the consistency of your brand and take it up a notch further.

  • Know your audience- Audience is the king and knowing them is the key. We create market surveys in order to know what the audience really wants out of you and strategize the same for the audience.

  • Engage and communicate with your target population- Once in a blue moon is never a success story. In order to let your brand breathe in the mind of consumers, engagement is a must. At Apex, we derive creative, unique and to-the- point tactics to engage and communicate with your target audience.

What’s our process?

You might be wondering as to what really goes in here and how things actually pan out in the end. Here is how it works at Apex:

Set up a meet

Firstly, an all-rounder social media marketing team would be assigned to your company. After which, a meeting between would be contrived to finalize the objectives, goals, and, vision. Once we both are on the same page, we will take things forward.

Analyzing your social media presence- Secondly, our social media marketing agency

would conduct an in-depth analysis of your social media presence. With the help of market tools and surveys, we would analyze your social media status, competition, past performance, and current presence in order to find loopholes that can be worked upon.

Strategic planning

Thirdly, based on the acquired information, our social media marketing company would create tangible, measurable, clear, and unique strategies in order to bolster your social media presence and increase your brand awareness.

View your results

Lastly, our hard work would be clearly visible in the results generated for you. The entire process would be communicated with you and would be graphically represented in terms of statistics in order to review your presence in the market. Your results would speak our success


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