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At Apex, we’re working on Shopify SEO from past 10 years now and have handled some of the trickiest and challenging projects successfully. Our SEO experts are a smart individual working in the industry from past so many years; thus, we’ve a strong network of the vendors on the Shopify.


Are you not getting enough sales on your Shopify store?
Our Shopify SEO experts can help you do great business.

At Apex, we’re working on Shopify SEO from past 10 years now and have handled some of the trickiest and challenging projects successfully. Our SEO experts are a smart individual working in the industry from past so many years; thus, we’ve a strong network of the vendors on the Shopify.

This allows us to know what factors most influence the visibility, what measures should be taken to optimize a Shopify website for major search engines, and what influences the search placement. We’re specialized in building custom SEO campaign, keeping in view your key goals and objectives. We create business-oriented campaign to ensure that you get your desired result for your online store.

Our diverse client base has given us in-depth knowledge and experience to work for large online stores and brands. We use cutting edge technology and tools to target the right keywords for increased sales and visibility. We also work with Shopify to audit your e-commerce website and make sure that your website is SEO-friendly. 

Granular Approach For Shopify SEO

Granular Approach For Shopify SEO

Our SEO professionals use detail-oriented techniques to accelerate your online conversions.

Project Analysis

Our SEO expert analyzes every minute detail of your project before planning anything to get the best out of it.

 Competitor Analysis

Apex conducts in-depth research on your greatest competitors to know what and how they’ve got the results.


We analyze all the elements related to on-page attentively making sure we can effectively customize the user experience ( UX Design) to optimize your site for better search performance.


We strive hard and apply all the necessary tactics to get valuable links through link building, and online engagement forms the most relevant and renowned sources.

 Product Reviews

Search engines have already ensured – genuine and positive reviews are the greatest characteristic of a reliable online brand. And we make sure your brand gets the best.


SEO is a never-ending process. With the changes in Google algorithm, we make changes to our SEO strategies and techniques to optimize the website.

Increase your sales & enjoy a lower CPA

Achieve a noteworthy increase in sales

Organic search results are the best medium to generate leads without bothering about the fixed cost with a paid search campaign. We build such Shopify SEO campaigns which provide assured increase in leads and conversions.

We ensure that you achieve your set goals and objectives within minimum cost per acquisition in the long-run. Our campaigners plan for long-term to produce better results and a noticeable reduction in CPA.

Close more online business our shopify
Insightful and in-depth SEO reports

Your Shopify store results help adjust our strategy

Our leaders believe in keeping transparency while delivering the project to our clients. That’s why we at Apex, always keep our clients informed about the direction of the ongoing Shopify SEO campaigns. Our reports include a snapshot of their Shopify SEO campaign, the labour we’re putting, and the outcome of those efforts.

We’re open about where the campaign is going and recommend changes or measures to take outside of SEO to take benefit of those results. Your reports and more than just figures, they include all the details about the results you’re achieving.

Why You Should Choose Us for Shopify SEO Services?

We’re India’s leading 360-degree digital marketing solution providers and have handled many SEO for Shopify projects. Our SEO professionals are one of the industry’s best skilled and certified individuals.

These individuals know how to optimize your website as per the Shopify oriented keywords and help your site rank and grow traffic. They will make sure that you reach out to more and more people and expand your business, increasing your client base and two times multiplying the overall sales and revenue of your business.

At Apex InfoTech, we know that high-quality SEO is the foundation of any online marketing strategy. Thus, our SEO services are planned and customized to increase the value of your business website. We’ve served more than 1000 clients now, and there’s nothing more inspiring for us than their valuable feedbacks.

Top Ranked Shopify SEO Company FAQ's

Shopify is an online platform that helps you create your online shop.

If you have your online store on Shopify then optimizing it is necessary. Without doing so your website will drown away in the competition. You get to rank on Shopify by optimizing it through SEO. So SEO is definitely worth your investment.

The benefits of Shopify SEO Service is that your online store ranks on SERP. But this benefit can be yielded only by choosing best SEO Agency. An experienced agency will improve overall qualities of your online store to make it optimized.

Just having your store on Shopify won’t give you high sales. Sales come from hiring a good SEO Agency that has years of expertise. Apex Infotech India is a leading SEO Agency that has years of experience in optimizing sites. So you get improved sales on Shopify by wisely choosing the best SEO Company.

Shopify SEO will help your online store to rank on SERP. This will grab the attention of the larger audience leading to increased sales and brand popularity. This makes sure that your investment is worth the returns.


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