A comparison between Dofollow and Nofollow links: Which is preferable for SEO?

Dofollow links and Nofollow links are valuable for search engine optimization. Dofollow links are more beneficial in Nofollow links comparison, but both links have their importance. 

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Which is preferable for SEO?

Dofollow links and Nofollow links are valuable for search engine optimization. Dofollow links are more beneficial in Nofollow links comparison, but both links have their importance. You can develop traffic on websites and improve your website ranking through dofollow. In contrast, Nofollow links protect your website from spam or irrelevant linking. You will learn the meaning of dofollow and nofollow links and their comparison.

seo nofollow vs dofollow links

Comparing a Dofollow link to a Nofollow link is like comparing a wave to a handshake

This comparison sounds interesting. A handshake is a gesture of trust, whereas waves are a general sign. Dofollow is similar to a handshake. Nofollow links are different from Dofollow links; they are just like a general gesture, whereas Dofollow links develop trust between linking websites or websites.

A Dofollow or Nofollow link comparison is more like a comparison between gold and silver:

If you think Dofollow is similar to gold, then you are right. In comparison to silver, gold is more precious. Dofollow links are also like gold, which is unique and valuable. It doesn’t mean that No-follow links have no value. No-follow links are equally important.

The comparison between Dofollow and Nofollow links is similar to the difference between voting and commenting

Dofollow links Playing a key role in search engine optimization is important. It is like a vote that helps gain or win the position. In contrast, a Nofollow link is just like a comment that can improve the services, but it is less effective than a Dofollow link.

What is the meaning of Dofollow links and Nofollow links?

Both are hyperlinks that affect SEO practices.

Do-follow links

It is a link that assists search engines in following the links on a page and passing their rank to the linked websites.

In comparison to No-follow links, these links are more effective. Dofollow links are helpful for websites that give a gesture to search engines regarding the linked page’s importance.

Nofollow links

It is just the opposite of dofollow links. It gives a general gesture to search engines regarding not following the website links and doesn’t pass its rank to the linked website.

It functions as a safeguard for search engines against clicking on some links. That can protect the owner of a business website from spam and threats to the website.

This table can help you develop an understanding of the comparison between both links




Search engine optimization effect

Pass the page rank

Not pass the page rank

Condition of use

Link with quality website

Link with spam website


Develop rank of website

Safeguard from spam link




Function or usage


as per the condition

Use for Search engine optimization


Less important

How can search engine optimization be affected via Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Dofollow links can help improve the website’s ranking due to the gesture given by Page Rank to search engines. Therefore, it is an advantage for SEO. It can improve its ranking and page rank by using Dofollow links.

No-follow links are equally important. It helps avoid links related to spam. These links also prevent people from manipulating or controlling your website’s ranking.

What is the perfect time to use No-follow links?

You can use Nofollow links in various conditions, like:

  • Irrelevant linking to the website.
  • Linking to comments
  • Linking to some social media accounts.
  • Linking to a website that you do not support.
  • Protecting your website’s ranking through manipulation by people.

What is the perfect time to use Dofollow links?

You can improve your page rank and website ranking on search engines using Dofollow links and at the same time, linking to a quality website and relevant websites.

Do No-follow links have any importance or value?

It is valuable for search engine optimization. Compared to Dofollow links, these links could be more effective and useful. Nofollow links are effective in developing the appearance of your website and backlinks to it.

How do I recognize Nofollow or Dofollow links?

HTML is the code that assists in recognizing both links. “Rel” in a code indicates a No-follow link.

What are the ways to get Dofollow links?

Dofollow links are important in comparison to Nofollow links for search engine optimization.

There are various ways to get Dofollow links:

  • Quality content: Your content must include quality and relevant information for visitors. Various website owners can link to your content through the quality of your content.
  • Posting by guest: You can develop backlinks in this way. You can use a backlink to your website for an article you have written and provided to other websites.
  • Engaging on others’ blogs via comments: You need to include a link to your website in the comments section. Your links must be helpful and related to the post.
  • Using campaigns on social media: Your post on social media must contain a link to your website. You can use strategies like organizing a contest in which entries must be open through your website.
  • Active on an online platform with communities: You need to be engaging, and with quality content, you can develop networks with online communities.
  • Building connections with the owner of the website: You can pitch the website owner about using your website’s backlink.
  • Websites in directories: You can register your website for free in the available directories. You must use your website link in your website submission directories.

Dofollow links are a time-consuming process with some benefits. You can get dofollow linksby providing qualitative content on your website.

What are the ways to get rid of No-follow links?

It is important but less effective than do-follow links. The several ways to get rid of No-follow links are as follows:

  • Avoid purchasing backlinks: Usually, people purchase backlinks, which is ablack hat technique. Your search engine optimization efforts can be negatively affected by this.
  • No guest posting: You need to refrain from guest posting on irrelevant websites with low-quality content.
  • No engagement via comments: It would help if you avoided spam links in the comments. When commenting, you should use your website link with quality content.
  • Link and share on social media; be aware: Various social media platforms available online allow you to add links, like Nofollow, to your shares.
  • Use of ‘rel’ as follows: It would be best to use ‘real’ while using Nofollow links. This will be a gesture to search engines.

You can get better search engine optimization results after avoiding Nofollow links. It will help you develop your website’s rank on search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do-follow links are a significant off-page SEO strategy. It helps in providing authority to your website. On the other hand, No-follow didn’t pass the link. It is useful in avoiding the penalties imposed by Google.

A technical SEO audit measures the technical aspects that contain the quick loading speed of the website. On the other hand, content SEO audits measure the quality of content and the overall performance of websites.

SEO services use strategies like creating qualitative content, using guest blogging and promoting the content to acquire high-quality Do-follow links.

SEO services in India use these strategies to increase your website’s authority. Your website can increase its ranking on search engines with do-follow links; conversely, no-follow links are useful in developing traffic to your website.

SEO services in Mumbai provide no-follow links that are beneficial for developing backlinks. It helps develop traffic on your website, which can also develop the brand identity of your business.

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