3 Fresh YouTube Features

Introduction of 3 New YouTube Features, Including Live Stream Product Tagging

With the power of YouTube videos and its increasing consumption worldwide, it’s no surprise that YouTube constantly focuses on improving the app. According to a study, YouTube has more than 2.5 billion active users monthly who spend 19 minutes watching videos on average. These robust numbers state the value of YouTube videos. Every digital marketing agency or marketer understands its scope and power. So, they often leverage YouTube features for brand marketing to engage and acquire customers. Recently, YouTube has added fresh features that can assist marketers and YouTubers. Let’s understand these features and how they can help:

#1 Live Stream Product Tagging:

YouTubers or brands, while live streaming through the YouTube shopping affiliate program, can tag merchants. During the live streaming, YouTubers can tag featured products on display. In addition, there is a facility to add a “Shopping button” and pin selective products. The viewers can instantly shop and visit websites through live streaming. This feature provides an excellent opportunity for digital marketing services to promote products and receive sales immediately through YouTubers.

#2 Post Only Feeds:

Many YouTube users loved the post feature in the app, while some like to engage with such posts more than videos. In addition, you might have seen brands complaining about viewers skipping ads, thus making it expensive to market products on YouTube. To tackle all these issues, YouTube has included a post-only feed where brands and You Tubers can interact with users. They can recommend brands, products, services, or videos through feed. So, audiences interested in similar content will have brand recommendations on feeds from similar categories through social media marketing.

#3 Uploading Videos and Shorts From Mobile:

To make a streamlined process of content uploading for creators, videos, and shorts uploading from mobile are enabled. Creators can select a video from their mobile, select monetization method, and complete uploading within the app. This feature is highly valuable for creators to quickly upload videos and save time, making the uploading process more efficient.

ook At Detailed Benefits Of These Features On YouTube A L

These newly introduced YouTube features are beneficial for YouTubers as well as brands. Utilizing these features can bring varied benefits to assist brand image and engagement. Such as:

  • Advanced Video Analytics: The incorporation of product tags by YouTube gives advanced video analytics for brands. It’s an excellent way for digital marketers to promote a brand and instantly drive traffic through influencer marketing. Hiring a famous face to leverage the power of marketing can assist in promoting a brand name, product, or service on live streaming.
  • Enhanced Viewer Engagement: By incorporating product tags, YouTubers and brands can increase viewer engagement. Usually, YouTubers talk about products and promote brands. They add product links in descriptions; brands wait for users to engage with links after the views of the video go viral. However, with the live stream product tagging category, YouTubers can provide product links and connect with users simultaneously to amplify viewer engagement. Moreover, the post-only feed on YouTube will allow brands to provide product recommendations and interactions with potential customers.
  • Streamlined Content Creation: The video and shorts uploading with mobile will help creators upload videos quickly. Often, creators have to switch to laptops to upload videos and monetize them for better efficiency. However, with the studio mobile app, users can simply add videos from the device, making them more streamlined and quick.
  • Expanded Monetization Options: These new features for YouTube have added monetization options for both YouTubers and brands. YouTubers will get a new income stream by charging product tagging in the live stream. Similarly digital marketing experts will find new ways to make sales and amplify the brand.

To Wrap Up

Platforms like YouTube regularly include features to provide a better experience to users. Whether as a viewer or as a Youtuber, the platform constantly focuses on amplifying its features. These three features provided by YouTube can bring varied benefits if used efficiently. Moreover, it will simplify the platform to promote brands and reach customers.

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