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Types of Website Design Services Available

Remember the day when you first started haunting for the best web designing company in Mumbai which can help you in building your company site? Most of the times designers ask you regarding the type of sites you are looking for… is it responsive, fixed or liquid? You get confused as you are not familiar with the terms so far and returned back broken heart. Anyways there is nothing to worry as we are sharing with you the difference between each type of websites.

Fixed design: This type of website comes with a set width and same will not alter even if the browser gets resized using any type of device. The problem which is faced with such sites is that user viewing the site using Smartphone or tablets find it hard to read the contents displayed over there. User makes effort to zoom it to read it large but that makes the images and even texts pixelated and non readable at all.

Liquid or Fluid design: This is the second variety of website. In this case when user resize the browser the content gets spread over on its own and cover up the browser width when expanded. For this reason this type of site is called liquid design. You will get an enlarged view or shrunk to fit to browser measurements. The columns which are having the content displayed in it is built in percentages in place of fixed columns used in foxed site design.

Responsive design: As the name suggests this type if websites are designed to make it easier for user to read the contents in displayed website on devices of any shape and measurements. Easy navigation is the key feature of this website. Such websites are view able on desktop, tablets or even on Smartphone easily. Here the designer no more need to design device specific sites for a single client. Because of its unique features such website designing is expensive.

So know when again you start searching for website designing company in Mumbai, be sure what you want and mention that clearly to the agency before hiring.

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