Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing Strategy


Google Trends is a tool of Google that offers you a set of information that is useful for content creation and SEO. Google Trends provides the data in the form of a graph. It also offers the ability to compare five keyword search terms and provide the data results in geographical locations, periods, specific topics, or any search surfaces like images or news. It will show you what people are searching for, and you can use this information as a marketing strategy and frame your digital marketing techniques.

Here in this blog, we will show you all the details of Google Trends and how you can use it for business improvement.

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Google Trends vs Keyword Search

Google Trends and Keyword Search are both considered to be similar, but they are not identical. The Google keyword planner is a different tool, while Google Trend is another Google tool. The Google keyword planner shows you the absolute search volume data of the keyword, while the Google trend shows the relative popularity of any search query. The Google Trend will only provide you with relative statistics related to the number of Google searches made in a particular period or from a particular location. Google keyword planner will show you estimated data of a total search volume.

Ways to Use Google Trends

Google Trends is very effective for you to have the best SEO for your website, enhancing your business’s social media marketing. The methods by which you can use Google Trends for better results for your business are:

Using search operators

Search operator is a command of Google Trend where you can search special characters or commands for content research or SEO audits. These provide powerful insights for your content strategy and are very effective. You can search a keyword or phrase in the operator to find the exact result of the trend.

Identify seasonal trends

A seasonal trend is a trend that comes back regularly, usually around a specific time. By searching about the seasonal trends in Google Trends, you can easily find out where to start your advertising period for better customer retention. You must target the exact season that is appropriate for your business. You can go back for the results of a few years and check accurate seasonal trend information, which you can use for the success of your business. You can identify the trending topic and create your content in such a way that you can attract more visitors to your website.

Find topics for blogs

You can use Google Trends to find a trending topic for your blog to help you have the best SEO services for your content. You can identify unique angles and find relevant keywords for your brand to promote your company efficiently. Find recent trending topics according to your company and the topic you must post a blog for the most attraction. Determining the topic of your blog post will help you to find your target audience easily and have a good impact on the revenue growth of your business.

Find trending social media campaigns

Google Trends allows you to find the latest social media campaigns that are running efficiently. You will understand the topic of these social media campaigns and can join the campaign for better `customer efficiency. To attract new customers to your website, you need to create a trending social media campaign through your website, for which you need to find out the trend. You can use Google Trends to find the topic of the best social media campaigns and create these campaigns for more business growth.

Work on local SEO

Local SEO is when someone does a regular search on Google, and Google then scans through its overall index and provides the best result for that query. You need to work on your local SEO to optimize your online presence, which will help you rank higher on any search query. If you have local traffic, your website’s brand awareness and visibility will improve, helping you to have a great business. The steps that you must follow for building local SEO are:

  • Create a customer-friendly and mobile-friendly responsive website.
  • Use URLs that are well-structured and are SEO friendly.
  • Have a very good loading speed for your website.
  • Use structured data in your website and H1, H2, and H3 tags for all content you post.
  • Optimize the meta title and the meta description properly.

These are the methods by which you can utilize the benefits of Google Trends. You must use them to frame your digital marketing strategies and improve the performance of your website.

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