Link Removal SEO Services

Engaging professional link removal services is crucial for maintaining a clean digital footprint, removing harmful backlinks, and boosting your website’s credibility and integrity. 

Link Removal SEO Services

Clean Up Old Spammy Bad Links
Link Removal SEO Services

Revive Your Website in Search with Our Link Removal SEO Services

Have you received a warning from Google Webmaster Tools about “unnatural links” lately? Did your website get penalized by Penguin algorithm update?

You don’t have to worry when Apex InfoTech India is at your service! Your only solution to clear all this mess is our spammy links removal service. Today’s SEO is as much about rectifying errors as it’s about polishing what you have.

Google’s war on webspam has made many popularly used links building ways obsolete and in some cases, even alarming to your website’s traffic and rankings in search results. This could be one of the many reasons that your business has enjoyed online presence for years but never really managed it.

If this the case with you, contact us at +91-8080-7722-99 to get a quote or audit!

It can be one of the causes of low search engine visibility of your website. That’s why, as an experienced digital marketing agency, Apex uses highly advanced tools to study your website and detect bad or useless backlinks.

Link Removal Services

Link Removal & Disavow Help Is Here

Search engines have become really smart over the time. Earlier, companies used to create multiple links online just to drive traffic using black or grey hat methods. These days, search engines rank website after counting the highest number of useful authority links online.

At Apex InfoTech, we do SEO & link audits and penalty recovery projects almost daily. That makes us the best you can get to detect which links are “good”, which are “bad”, and which ones are “risky but can prove useful”.

We’re also practiced in how to find and contact the webmasters of the sites that may link to yours. And, also request them to remove links that actually helps a lot in removing some of them. If you’ve ever tried to reach the webmasters of the domains with names like, you’re well aware of the challenges we’ve to face while doing so.

If you’re facing a link-based penalty or have been hit by the Penguin algorithm update, you really need Apex’s Link Removal Service!

Here’s how removing bad links helps:

  • Each domain linked to your website is visited and each link to your website is checked by a real person who is pro at identifying spam links and good links depending on a set of combination of technical factors, relevancy, quality of content, and potential real referral traffic.
  • The webmasters of the sites having the links that need to go are requested to remove them. Contact and removal are recorded for inclusion in any Reconsideration Requests that is further sent to Google.
  • The links which couldn’t be removed are Disavowed with the help of a properly formatted disavow file.
  • For Manual Actions/Penalties, a Reconsideration Request is written, especially for your site and submitted.
  • Google doesn’t provide a reconsideration request option for Penguin and other algorithmic filters by this time.
  • If a manual action’s reconsideration request is denied, we’ll try to find & remove more links depending on the follow-up information given by Google. And, we’ll check the entire process of requesting removals and disavowing till we do not get our result.

You must’ve now gotten the idea of how difficult and time consuming the link removal and disavow process becomes over time. It needs great care to choose between the wrong links and the links that are actually good for your website, hence not to be touched.

Why Apex is the reliable Link Building Company for your business?
  • Our experts are highly skilled in building high-quality links for your business representing authority by using quality content.
  • We make sure that the links affecting your website rankings are removed timely.
  • We build proper citations and links in industry-relevant online spaces like online business listings.
  • We ensure that your marketing costs are reduced with tailored marketing strategies.

Link Removal Services FAQ's

It means removing links that are no longer relevant to your website.

Yes, as it clears out all the unnecessary links from your website it is an important process.

It makes your website user-friendly as it wipes out unnecessary links from your site.

The old links start to lose their relevance with time. So it becomes important to keep on freshening up the site by removing irrelevant links.

The process involves going through the website and removing the links that are no longer required.


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