Voice Search Optimization

This page discusses the importance of Voice Search Optimization (VSO) in enhancing website visibility, user experience, and conversions in the growing voice search landscape. It provides strategies for optimizing content, site structure, and leveraging voice-specific features.

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Voice Search Optimization

It is a process of optimization of website content that assists your website in getting an appearance on voice search result pages. VSO is in trend, and businesses also prefer it. People are more likely to use voice search, and as per the study by Comscore, voice search accounted for 25% of the search queries. Your website can also appear on result pages whenever people raise questions concerning your business or product.

Voice Search Optimization

It would be best to consider various factors while optimizing your website for voice search. These things are

  • Easy conversation language: Your website content must include conversational or easy language to better appear on top when people use voice search.
  • Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are generally considered less competitive than short-tail keywords. Using long-tail keywords always increases the chances of getting a high rank.
  • Informative product description: Optimizing an informative product description is necessary for your website for VSO. Your description must include important keyboards and product details in simple language.
  • Create posts: You can improve voice search ranking on search engine pages by providing valuable content through blog and article posts. These posts must include the keyword and product details.
  • User-friendly and mobile-friendly website: Your website must be mobile-friendly so that a massive number of people can have access to it.

What is the function of voice search?

Speech recognition and NLP (natural language processing) are the technologies that work behind voice search. Speech recognition assists in the conversion of spoken words into text. In contrast, NLP helps analyze the text’s interpretation after understanding your interest through a search. NLP software sends your search query to the search engines and then provides results related to the question.

Voice search functions in various ways, including

  • Useful for hands-free search: It has advantages for people who used to do activities like cooking, etc. Nowadays, Audible books are helpful in reading.
  • Useful for natural search: You can use natural search like How do I learn SEO? or ways to get ranked on search engines?
  • Useful for local businesses: Searching for local businesses, like SEO services near me, is also helpful.
  • Useful for controlling smart home devices: It is helpful for smart automatic control through advanced technology like “Switch on the fan”.

Voice search is becoming popular due to its multifold benefits.

How is voice search beneficial for e-commerce?

There are numerous benefits to voice search for e-commerce:

  • Enhance customer experience: Voice search is easier to use than texting. It can help customers find the appropriate results they are looking for about your services. For example, users can ask, “What is the outfit recommendation for the party?” rather than party outfit suggestions.
  • High rate of conversion: Having voice search available on your website can make buying products easier for your customers. It’s a great way for them to shop and can make their experience even better. It also assists in increasing the conversion rate to customers from visitors. In voice search, people don’t need to text; they can resolve queries through voice.
  • Improving search engine optimization: Voice search ensures a user-friendly experience, and the queries raised by voice search are longer and more conversational than any other queries. By optimizing long-tail keywords in your content, you can improve your SEO as well.
  • Extending reach to visitors: Voice search assists in increasing the reach of your services to many people. It is inclusive because it is comfortable for people who don’t want to raise their queries through text mode.
  • Recommendation: Voice search can also help provide a recommendation to visitors based on prior search history that enhances the user experience and sales on your business website.

What is the comparison between traditional search and voice search?


Natural language

Length of query

Local intent


Voice search

Natural and conversational

A bit longer

More local intent

More contextual

Traditional search

Formal and well structured

A bit shorter

Less Local intent

Less contextual

There is various other information about its features, including. 

  • Natural use of language: Voice search queries are more straightforward and use natural language. It is more conversational than queries raised by texts. Rather than being used in a structured or keyword manner, such questions are naturally asked through voice search. For example, a web user may ask, “How to prepare for a tough examination?” rather than typing tough examination preparation. 
  • Length of query: Voice search follows long-tail keywords, which are longer than text-related queries. While using voice search, a user may raise questions more descriptively. For example, users may ask, “Best enthusiastic place to visit in Vancouver for travellers”, rather than typing Vancouver as a popular place. 
  • Local Intent: Voice search includes local intent. People raise a query through voice search related to local information. For example, users may ask, “The best food restaurant for a family visit in Mumbai,” rather than typing Mumbai’s best restaurant. 
  • Contextual: Voice searches are more contextual than text-based queries because users may query based on prior search results. For example, a user may ask, “How to make healthy cookies at home?” after watching some cookies-related videos.

What is a transparent VSO?

Transparent VSO emphasizes the optimization of website content concerning voice search. It can be followed by using long-tail keywords, local intent, etc. These practices can improve your online visibility on search engines for queries related to voice search.

There are various steps included in a transparent VSO, as follows:

  • Research on Keywords: You need to use keywords that people will likely use while raising queries through voice search. You have to recognize the keywords that people use through conversational queries.
  • Optimization of content: You must optimize the website content after conducting keyword research. You must include those keywords throughout your content, whether in title tags, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Schema markup: A code on your website helps search engines understand your content. Schema markup is very helpful regarding voice search.
  • Local search engine optimization: You can use local SEO to improve your business’s reach locally. You must optimize your website through local SEO by including details like business email, address, contact information, and other information in your website’s metadata.
  • Visitors’ experience: It is necessary to ensure a user friendly experience on a website for visitors. Your website must be easy to search and have easily accessible options and quality content to improve the user experience.

Transparent voice search optimization is the best way to enhance your visibility on voice search result pages. A massive number of people can search your website through voice search.

There are several advantages of using transparent VSO services. These benefits are as follows:

  • Improve the ranking of search engine pages: Transparent VSO assists your business website in getting a high rank on voice search result pages. It shows the increasing appearance of your website, which can result in sales and traffic improvements.
  • Increase satisfaction of customers: Transparent VSO services provide a friendly experience to users using voice search. Customers can get the exact result they are looking for through voice search.
  • Cost-effective (reduction in marketing costs): Transparent voice search optimization services are cost-effective because they reduce marketing costs and expenses for your business.

You can reach many people by using transparent voice search optimization services. Therefore, it is preferable for you.

There are various ways to use a transparent VSO.

  • Voice-activated landing pages: You can increase your conversion rates and target an audience on your website through voice-activated landing pages optimized for particular voice search queries.
  • Usage of voice search: You can also use voice search to develop your website. It can keep the visitors engaged on your website.
  • Keep checking on the performance of voice search: You can track the performance of voice search to analyze the ranking of your website on voice search queries. It can help increase your website’s appearance.

Understand the Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are search results visible at the top of the SERP. They are a summary of information on a web page. It is represented in a list format under a box.

Featured snippets help answer the questions of users. For example, In a query raised by the user “How to make cookies,” a featured snippet will provide a step-by-step process to make a cookie.It is created through the Google search algorithm.

Various factors through which you can increase the chances of having your website featured on Snippet:

  • Use of easier language: You must use quality content with easier language so that a user can better understand your services.
  • Direct answer to the user’s question: The featured Snippet aims to address the user’s question directly by providing a concise answer.
  • Effective keywords throughout the content: You must use a practical keyword to target the relevant audience. The Google algorithm will find your content per the featured Snippet’s suitability.
  • Structure your content with quality: You need to use headings to structure your content. That will help the Google algorithm find your website according to the featured Snippet’s suitability.
  • Featured with images and videos: Images and videos provide additional information about your content and ensure a positive impact on your website. You can increase the chance of getting featured on Snippet.

You can increase your chance of getting featured on Google featured snippets. Featuring on Snippet will assist you in developing more traffic and increasing the visibility of your products.

There are various ways to use a featured snippet:

  • Use for product promotion: Featured snipers can be used for product promotion. This can be done by including your products and services in the description. You can get more customers through its use.
  • Use it to answer the quarries: You can answer users’ queries through featured snippets. It will develop the traffic on your website.
  • Use for various classes or tutorials: The featured Snippet can be used to provide tutorials regarding how to avail of your services. You can give the details about your services to users in this way.
  • Use for backlinks: Featured snippets are beneficial in developing backlinks for your website. You can increase the appearance of your website through backlinks.

Featured snippets help improve the appearance of your website on voice search engines.

Explain the Conversational Search Results

Conversational search results are designed to provide a natural conversational experience to visitors. It includes using images and graphics in content. Users can easily search for their queries without typing through conversational search results.

Voice search is a conversation source for people with online technologies. In contrast, conversational search results are sources of information to users about their queries.

There are various benefits to using conversation search results, including:

  • It is more natural and conversational.: Conversational research results help understand the speaking language of people.
  • It is more effective: Conversational research results are hand-free; users can solve their doubts without typing.
  • It is interactive: Conversational research results are more appealing and interactive for users.
  • It is more personalized: Conversational research results are personalized per the user’s needs.

Conversational search results are a more practical option for you due to their several benefits.

Voice Search Optimization FAQ's

It matters because it can address users’ queries, improving their engagement on your website.
We use simple voice search content to attract users so that their queries can be easily resolved and they can refer to your website, which will also increase traffic.

You can feature your website on Snippet and generate revenue from our services. You can also get a high rank on voice search result pages with our services. Get More Revenue with Featured Snippet Creation and optimization from Apex Infotech India.

It would be best if you researched keywords to maintain the quality of the content by including keyword density.

Long-tail keywords are less competitive; therefore, they are the best keywords in the short-tail keyword comparison.

First, take care of local SEO, or the most commonly searched words with common phrases and context. Next, make it conversational and fluent. By following these basic steps, you can write content for voice search.

Voice search is effective because of its conversational language, conversion from visitors to customers, etc.

Apex Infotech India can assist you in maintaining your visibility at the top of voice search results.


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