Gudi Padwa 2018

Apex Celebrating Gudi Padwa 2018

Gudi Padwa is the fundamental celebration of Maharashtrians. Gudi Padwa is the Marathi expression that recreates the idea of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada or the main days of the Chaitra month (March – April) which additionally denotes the New Year according to the lunisolar Hindu timetable. The term Padva originates from the Sanskrit expression Paddava meaning the main day of the waxing period of the lunar month. This propitious celebration denotes the New Year for all Maharashtrians and Hindu Konkanis and is generally celebrated in India. Gudi Padwa falls on eighteenth March 2018.

For Marathi Hindus, Gudi Padwa, which falls on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar month of Chaitra, marks the beginning of the traditional New Year. This colorful festival took place on March 18 in 2018. Known for its lively customs and deep cultural significance, Gudi Padwa heralds the advent of spring and the start of the harvest season. The celebration falls on the same day as the Shalivahan Shaka calendar, which is the Hindu calendar that is most often used in Maharashtra.

The celebration is known for a few distinctive traditions. Families put up a Gudi outside of their houses, which is a magnificently decorated flag with a garlanded pot atop a bamboo pole, signifying prosperity and victory. It is said that the ritual will bring prosperity, health, and good fortune. 3. Delicious foods like Puran Poli, Shrikhand, and other celebratory fare accentuate the day and highlight how happy the occasion is.

Gudi Padwa also represents rebirth and readiness since dwellings are thoroughly cleansed and adorned with intricate rangoli patterns. It’s a day to put on new clothing, say prayers, and take part in neighborhood parades. The festival brings the community together through common celebrations and cultural manifestations as it honors the New Year, inspiring optimism and hope.

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