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The Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

You may have heard about the online term static and dynamic websites when people in Website development company speaking about websites. However, still you do not know what they mean and how they are different. By end of this blog, you will get to know the differences between static and dynamic websites.

If you wish to build a website for your business and hire a Web design Company, the first thing you need to decide is whether your website should be static and dynamic. It is important to know the difference between these methods before making any decision. To help you, we have written this blog to offer a better understanding of each term.

Static website

The static website is a type of site, which does not use any external database and it is completely written in HTML. This means everyone who visits the site will get the same information. In addition to, making updates/upgrades to static sites mean directly going into HTML because changes need to make from there. Even though huge websites prefer to display dynamic content to their users, the static website growth is on the rise.


  • Minimum complex to develop
  • All assets can be easily cached for faster page speed
  • Faster loading times
  • Smaller page size


  • Updates must be done directly within HTML code
  • Non-interactive
  • Cannot accomplish complex functionality needed in many modern websites

Hope this will help you to choose right static website design company for your business

Dynamic website

On the other hand, dynamic site can generate content according to the user. This website makes the user easily update the data on their website without any HTML knowledge. Most of the dynamic websites are built on the CMS (content management system) as it is simple to update data via an easy to access interface. It also accesses the service side language such as Java and PHP. A dynamic website is more responsive which means they will convert to any screen. Customers can open a website on any screen like a laptop, tablet, or mobile. This responsiveness helps in a better user experience to increase customer retention on your website. When a customer spends more time on your platform, it gives search engine crawlers an idea of how user-friendly your website is. Moreover, you get a chance to convert your customers. An SEO company can help you manage your dynamic website as per SEO requirements to grow.


  • Dynamic content generation based on the visitor
  • Update content easily with CMS
  • Able to access in the extremely complex scenarios like an online store and social media platform


  • More difficult to develop
  • Higher risk of a security problem
  • Maybe slower compared to static website because of increased resources

Hope this will help you to choose right dynamic website development company for your business

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