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How to Improve Your Website’s DA (Domain Authority)

The domain authority of a website is among the most important factors contributing to the success of your website on the internet. Hence, it is important to take the right measures in order to improve the DA of your website. This way, you will be able to gain many advantages and succeed. But what exactly is Domain Authority? And what are some of the top ways through which you can improve the domain authority of your website? Let us find out everything there is to know about domain authority and DA scores in this blog post!  

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority refers to the score that tells how efficient a website is for ranking higher on search engine result pages or SERPs. The range of this score lies between 0-100. If you improve the domain authority of your website, you will be able to ensure that your site ranks higher on SERPs. This is because a website’s DA is a sign of its relevance with the industry in which it is operating. If you want to enhance your DA score, it is important for you to take the right steps in order to improve it. This also involves getting professional help from the Best SEO Agency in Mumbai.

The Most Effective Ways to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Website 

There are many effective ways to improve the domain authority or DA score of your website, among which the top ones are: 

  • Create Excellent Content

The first step to increasing the DA score of your website is to create and publish high-quality content for your website. This implies writing articles and creating infographics and videos that are interesting and informative. What does this mean? That a larger number of people will be willing to link your website. You must also add links to high-authority websites in your content, which will boost your root domains. 

  • Acquire High-Quality Backlinks

You must also get backlinks from high-quality, informative, reliable, and authoritative websites for your business. This is one of the most effective ways to improve the domain authority of your website. When building backlinks for your website, you must not only focus on the number of links in your backlink profile but also on the quality of backlinks. If you need any further help with this, you can get in touch with an SEO Agency.

  • Optimize Your Website Structure 

You must also improve the structure of your website. This way, you will be able to ensure that it becomes easy to navigate for the visitors. This enhanced user experience is one of the most important factors that promote the DA score of your website. 

  • Conduct Website Audits

Internal and external websites are equally important for increasing the domain authority of your website. It is also important to ensure that your website ranks higher on the search engine result pages and brings a high amount of traffic to your website. Thus, you must ensure that you are conducting website audits on a regular basis with the help of a good SEO Agency in India. This way, you will be able to address various issues and also remove poor-quality backlinks from your profile. 

  • Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Ensuring that you optimize your website for mobile-friendliness is also a good way to improve the DA score or domain authority of your website. Mobile SEO will allow you to enhance the user experience of your website and also ensure that its rank on the SERPs improves. This way, you will be able to reap numerous benefits from it. 

  • Improve Your Site Speed

Your site speed is also a significant factor affecting the domain authority of your website. You must not only take care of the navigation of your website but also ensure that you are improving the speed with which your users are able to go from one page to another. This can be done with the help of the most efficient technical SEO services in Mumbai.

  • Address Technical SEO Issues

There are many other aspects to technical SEO than site speed, like XML sitemaps, canonicalization, schema markup, duplication of content, crawl budget, etc. And addressing the various problems associated with the technical SEO of your website is necessary if you want your website to have a good DA score. Furthermore, your website will be able to pass the core web vitals. 

  • Monitor Your Progress

Of course, the most important part of putting in efforts to improve any aspect of your website, including domain authority, is keeping track of the progress of your strategies. This will help you get an understanding of which measures are helping you succeed and which measures need to be improved or modified in order to get the best results with your domain authority. 

What Is An Ideal DA Score?

Now that you have understood what steps you need to take in order to improve the domain authority or DA of your website, you must be wondering what an ideal DA score is, right? Let us provide you with a detailed account of the range of DA scores and what is the right one for your business. 

The DA score of your website can range between 0 and 10. The table below discusses the different ranges of scores that will determine the domain authority of your website.

DA Score RangeMeaning in Terms of Domain Authority
0 to 30Poor Domain Authority
30 to 40Below Average Domain Authority
40 to 50Average Domain Authority
50 to 60 Good Domain Authority
60 to 70 Very Good Domain Authority
80 to 100Excellent Domain Authority


That was all about the best ways to improve the DA or domain authority of your website. We have also discussed the different DA score ranges, from poor to excellent. We hope that you find this information to be helpful for the success of your website. And if you feel like you need professional help with domain authority or any other SEO service, you must get in touch with Apex Infotech India – the Best SEO Company in India.

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