Social Media Plan

Planning to boost your Brands presence on social media? Make sure you get these things right

As a Business, we are always looking for leveraging our presence both on a search engine and social media.

Streamlining goals and objectives working out strategies for a plan of action are major determinants of a successful business.

So it is important to lay down strategies for each and every step carefully

Here we are with the factors that are crucial and to be kept in mind while devising the social media Plan you are looking forward to implementing –

Straight out,

1) Make your planYou need to have a thorough plan for marketing your brand.

It is important to list out your goals and targets and prioritize your actions to get the maximum out of your marketing campaigns.

“Remember that competitions are not won on the judgment day it is decided by the efforts and strategies we implement to get to that point which decides our outcomes”

4 P’s of Planning

Plan for your Social Media updates

Plan your inbound business marketing strategies

Plan your Outbound Marketing strategies

Plan your workflow accordingly

Make sure you stay consistent with your strategy.

2) Brand awareness

According to Wikipedia

‘A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer’

Is it important for an organization to deliver a recognized brand or to become a trusted brand in the market?

The question is more than just relevant,

In order to be successful in your business or to become a successful seller of your services or products, it is important to establish a brand image.

As we are all aware of the fact,

“If you want your services to be subscribed or your customers to be loyal, you better be a brand that kills the market”

Learn how to convert your business into a valuable brand

3) know your market audience preferences and choices

When you are doing business there is a huge chance that you come across similar service providers or businesses selling similar brands so it is important to stay ahead in the race and be more likable from the perspective of your spectators as that would become a decisive factor in the long run.

And in order to be liked by your users, you need to first dive deep into your consumer preferences and choices of your brand.

We need to consider relevant Demographic Factors such as



Income Education Occupation

Race or Ethnicity

You may think these factors are not so relevant but trust me you will find the relevancy of the statement when you start off with your marketing drills and plan.

Here is an example of the demographic specification based on job functions

4) Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is very important!

You can analysis your competitors brand reach and strategies but copying their strategies may not be useful for you in the end.

“As innovators keep innovating” and they will move ahead in the race.

Analyzing and implementing competitors plan would reap your rewards in the short run but eventually, you would have to find your own unique mix of strategy to be successful

Here is an example of a competitor’s analysis using semrush tool you can use this tool for getting better insights on your competitor business trends online.

5) Study your metrics by performing social media performance audit

Running a business without giving it a shout out on social media platforms are like writing a blog without a title.

And also spreading your brand’s visibility throughout the social media is not enough as it would be similar to that of walking in a mob of millions.

So we always need to keep the uniqueness intact and check out the performance of our posts on social media platforms and luckily with the changing trends, insights on social media platforms are more than satisfactory as it has the capability to show us an in-depth analysis of our brand performance and that too with time frame statistics.

Isn’t it cool?

For illustration,

This is some insights from our official LinkedIn page of Apex Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

Key metrics like –

No. of impressions and clicks

The number of impressions your post or update receive is the spread your brand has created within a period of time.

Engagement and reach of your brand

The Engagement bar will show you how eye-catching were your contents over a period of time.

A video or an Infographic image usually tends to outperform if we check the most recent trends prevailing in the market.

Hashtag performance and community interactions

The importance of hashtags has increased ever since its induction into social media platforms

A general study shows that using Hashtags on relevant social media platforms that has its trendy usage gives more exposure to your post

Instagram hashtags are the most popular ones that we generally see.

Study your Organic and Paid Reach   

It is important to analyze the organic, as well as paid marketing, reach separately as we need to implement measures to curate any deviations from the expected forecast outcomes.

Organic Marketing strategies include –

Search Engine Optimization strategy

Paid Marketing Strategies include  –

Google Ads strategy

6) Consistency is the key to success

Above all consistency remains the main element as a social media marketing plan is not a once and for all action it has to be performed in a systematic and routine way with consistency.

As it’s a long journey and we need to remain in the quest to lead the market and for that, we need to show consistency in our approach of marketing.

Implementation of the designed plan will turn our goals to reality

7) Tracking what works for you and what does not is also important

After all that effort there comes a point of stagnation where we need to judge what happens for us and what not so keeping a tab on our marketing plans and strategies will help overcome the downtime and will ultimately reap rewards for the efforts.

Wrapping up,

It is very important to have a plan for digital Marketing, create brand awareness, and learn about your target audience and customer preferences which will give the initial push that we need to start off our marketing campaigns and create a momentum for the business.

Leveraging presence on social media or search engine requires a consistent approach where we analyze the market competition.
Also, make sure you check your performance on social media platforms using social Media insights and other performance tracking tools as performing a social audit is vital to improve our performance with consistency and also to decide what’s right for our social media marketing strategy and what’s not.

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