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Sales | win your B2B sales race with these tips

The word Sales for many people seems to be frustrating.

While it may be true, but you cannot escape the fact that sales mean business.

In other words,

If you are looking to do a business you probably mean you are interested in selling.

This article is all about how you could increase your B2B sales conversions and win more sales for your business.

So, let me walk you through the same.

What makes Jeff benzos the world’s richest person?


Amazon’s revenue – US$ 232.887 billion (2018) (Source Wikipedia)

Yes, so easy

Make those figures and now you are planning to send people on space tours.

How do they make so much revenue?

Amazon is into e-commerce, cloud computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) which justifies the figures.

I would rather prefer saying they are not just into it they are it.

In the end, they are selling some kind of goods or services to an end user or business.

So, how to improve your B2B sales?

To begin with,

What are B2B sales

It is in short business to business,

which means you sell to a business rather than a consumer which would mean B2C.

A B2B sale is a tough nut to crack and is not as simple as it spells.

It is rather complicated and requires a real professional approach to do it.

What makes B2B sales a tough job is simply the level of the play.

There is only a little margin for error and the stakes are high.

One word or proposition could probably make or break the deal.

So, every visit for a B2B deal needs to be well planned and executed.

Here are some tips for businesses looking to win their B2B sales race

  • Implement Digital marketing strategies

Implementing digital marketing solutions to increase your B2B sales is one of the best ways to up your business sales.

Using Social media to generate leads, optimizing your website for mobile searches, SEO implementation, running online ads, etc.

Are some of the ways in which we can improve our sales conversions.

  • Look for the decision maker

While selling a product or service to a customer we know it’s up to their discretion to buy it.

B2B sales are difficult.

When a company has a purchase manager or any such individual in between the purchase cycle.

And in most of the cases, they are not the final decision maker.

Which could narrow the chances for your dream sell?

Reaching out to real decision makers would speed up the process and also build your brand image.

  • Study your potential prospect

Before we set up and execute a plan or meeting for a potential customer make sure we know everything about their business activities.

Knowing customers very well would definitely improve your conversion chances.

Personalized interactions would help build credibility and trust for your brand

It would help you work out things better.

  • Sell them solutions for their problem

A business owner is not interested to know about the accolades and features of a company.

They are interested in the solutions we offered for their problem.

Sell them what they want and not what you want them to buy from you.

  • Your value proposition must turn them on

If you are looking to crack a million-dollar business deal you better know yourself well.

Your companies value proposition is what sets it apart from other businesses.

There are hundreds of options available for a buyer in the market but it’s up to you how vividly you pack your stuff.

You must be very clear about your business value proposition.

Expert sellers even memorize the lines so that they could spell the magic words out at any moment.

  •  Set realistic and achievable targets

Setting realistic targets are helpful.

One can feel it intuitively whether or not a target is achievable.

Giving your customers false promises will do no good in the long run.

  • Quote your premium price upfront

Business opting for our service do not care about the prices.

Customers are interested to know how your services could help them grow their business.

So, stating a premium price for the work we do is not a demotivating factor.

It reflects the confidence of our business or brand on the services or benefits it offers.

  • Stay confident

While progressing into a possible deal for your business, make sure you are not bothered by pushy customers.

Dealing with a B2B sales proposition can sometimes be intimidating for anyone.

So, it’s necessary to stay cool and relaxed as showcasing your fear or inability to grasp a point could break your deal.

  • Provide options for businesses to choose from

Providing plans and options to choose from keeps the play open.

There are many competitors providing various services at different rates.

Businesses could possibly choose from your plan the one which suits their budget or requirements.

They could possibly upgrade to a premium plan in the future if they find your services to be a possible solution for their problem.


I hope this article was helpful and it helps increase B2B sales for your business.

In short, reaching out to the right person, doing your homework and research, setting realistic goals, staying confident and providing value to customers is key to B2B success.

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