Increase B2B leads

How to Increase B2B leads?

“ A recent survey shows that over 65% of businesses struggle with B2B lead generation.”

The overall cost for acquiring B2B leads has increased significantly.

Also, businesses spending on marketing budgets are rising steadily. 

Apex | Performance Marketing Agency has analysed the current market trends and has listed Top 6 B2B lead generation strategies, which will help businesses scale-up their B2B leads cost-effectively.

Apex | 6 Point Master Plan For B2B Lead Generation

1) Rank your website on Top Search Engines

What is it that triggers the highest search volume?

It’s difficult to predict, but the highest number of online searches indeed happen on the Google search engine.

If you want your prospect to find your company, especially when they are searching with intent, your website needs to show up on key search terms or phrases called “Keywords”.

In this case, Keywords are the search terms used by owners to find your business online.

Significant challenges faced by the business

  • Generate traffic to its website.
  • Outrank its competitors for a keyword.
  • Generate organic enquiries from the website.

Expert SEO strategy

  • Create content optimized for your services keywords
  • Target “Long Tail Keywords” and “Short Tail Keywords.”
  • Build links on authoritative sites.
  • Offer guest posting to get more engagements and traffic.
  • Become an expert at SEO

2) Get inside the search territory of your prospects.

“Your prospects should easily find your business.”

Even when its B2B, it’s not businesses with which you are dealing with, but it’s the owners or key person in their business.

So, it would be best if you found out, where do owners find their trusted partners to work.

Owners find companies on specific directories and listings.

To be specific, every business can get itself listed on local and international directories.

Local business listings help prospects locate your business quickly.

There are tons of online local business directories and getting registered overall off them might be a tedious task.

So, it’s crucial to select lists that are important to your company’s geography or Industry.

List of Top Directories:

  • Google My business.
  • LinkedIn Company Directory.
  • Hot frog
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • E world Trade.
  • Lead 411
  • Global Database
  • Angel List
  • Brown Book

3) Leverage LinkedIn Network

“LinkedIn is, by far, the best social media site that drives B2B leads.”

It accounts for 80% of all Social Media leads generated.

How to use LinkedIn to increase your B2B leads?

Keep your profile and company page optimized and updated

LinkedIn profiles are valuable for professionals and business owners.

Businesses trying to reach potential service providers search for individual profiles and company pages on LinkedIn.

With 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members driving business decisions, there is no other better platform to find one.

Keep your profile updated with your business information. Get recommended and endorsed for your key skills or services which can be a differentiating factor as owners look for the unique mix of solutions you have to offer.

LinkedIn being a social network with many decision-makers and prospects it would be only ideal to have a company page with updated Name, Location, Tagline, Website URL and Specialities offered.

Keep your “about us” section crisp and precise. Let your prospects know what makes your business unique from others.

Use In-mail and Paid ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn paid ads are effective at the same time, expensive.

LinkedIn InMail’s have three times higher open rates than regular e-mails.

It helps you reach out to a large group of professionals within a short time.
Targeting business partners and decision-makers with in-mails is an effective way of increasing the outreach of your marketing campaigns.

Use high-quality display ads to influence key decision-makers to subscribe to your service.

4) Personalize the way you approach your prospects

Use Social Media to start a conversation

“Reaching out prospects on Social Media with a personalized tone is an effective way for lead generation.”

Who does not like a warm invite?

Welcoming your new connections on social media using a personalized message will lead the way for a conversation and will open up possible business opportunities.

It also helps you share expertise and understand your prospect better.

Get Creative with your E-mails

“E-mail Marketing is one of the most effective ways of lead generation.”

You can reach your target prospect with your latest offer anywhere around the globe.

However, recent trends show that open rates of marketing e-mails are plunging.

Specific and creative E-mails performs well compared to mass e-mail campaigns.

Keeping the body of the e-mail short helps you deliver your message effectively.

People don’t have time to read long and spammy messages.

5) Effective paid marketing tips

Paid Marketing is very effective and result-oriented. If you want quick and scalable results for your business, online paid marketing is the best place where you can bet.

It would help if you got very specific while targeting a B2B audience.

A professional strategy for segmented targeting and retargeting is essential to outperform competitors and gain more B2B traction.

Remarket to your visitors

“Remarketing” or “Retargeting” is a strategy used on Social Media and Search Engine to retarget visitors on your website or mobile apps.

Targeting previous visitors to your website improves conversion chances as they have already interacted with your brand.

“Google Tag Manager” a tag management system created by Google has made life easier for marketers to integrate e-marketing tags or tracking pixels, also called “Web beacons” on websites and mobile applications.

You can easily track your website visitors unobtrusively and retarget your ads to those visitors on Social Media and Google.

Target using Facebook Custom and Lookalike audience feature

Custom audiences are the audience whose database is already available with your business.

It can be in the form of your emailer list, YouTube subscribers or existing client data.

Targeting your custom audience with specific ads can be constructive as it increases the chances of prospects to fill up the form and make an enquiry compared to a unique ad viewer.

Another way is by using Lookalike feature on Facebook.

Facebook uses an algorithm that targets similar or “Look alike” audience.

The basis of targeting depends upon the user list provided.

Using Facebook “Custom Audience” and “Lookalike” function, you can effectively increase B2B leads for your business.

6) Use Referral programs

It’s essential that you turn your “Loyal Partners” into “Brand Promoters” over the long run to achieve your business goals.

Referral programs give your business an accelerated growth.

Even the top tier brands and companies promote the use of referral programs, also known as “word of mouth marketing.”

Get Reviews and Feedback from clients

Planning for a major business deal or an idea to collaborate with business starts with research.

Also, when your prospects are searching for a business with intent, they need to be evoked to take a call or action.

The credibility of your business means a lot, especially in the B2B domain.

Your prospect client needs to know whether you are credible or not.

Client or Business reviews on B2B rating sites like “Clutch” can be of immeasurable value.
Businesses trust client and partner reviews.

Managing reviews on sites like “Glassdoor” and “Google My Business” is equally crucial as clients tend to associate with businesses having a decent track record and business relations.

Offer value to clients and Ask for referrals

The easiest and the most effective way of extending your reach to get hot leads for your business is asking for referrals from existing clients.

While expressing your gratitude, you can mention that,

“It was an excellent opportunity to work with your reputed firm; we enjoyed the process of creating and executing a unique marketing solution for your brand. If you know any associate or business facing similar challenges? We will be more than happy to help them out.”


Referral clients or leads are precious for even a small or medium enterprise as it helps derive brand equity.

Referral clients or leads are precious for even a small or medium enterprise as it helps derive brand equity.

To summarize,

B2B lead generation is a process which requires a continuous grind. Establishing a successful B2B marketing model depends on the formulation and execution of a unique plan of action, targeted towards individual marketing channels.

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