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The Future of Digital Marketing in 2024

Did you know? Voice search will be one of the most important digital marketing trends to attract users.

By 2024 end half of the internet search queries will be voice-based.

Well, digital marketing had changed with the advent of android phones, social media, latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. And the critical point is it has changed enormously more in the last three years than in the previous thirty years.

The take away is it will change more rapidly and will not slow down, so marketers will look for new ways to lure and attract potential clients via digital media, as almost 80% of the world population is now browsing the internet for some or other reasons. Digital Marketing itself is a key to succeed in the internet-driven society, as it connects with you masses at large with its components such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Optimization (SMM/SMO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM) to name a few.

Gone are days when we were ignoring the potential of digital marketing and limited ourselves with a single-page website or a social media page. Now tools such as artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning etc. have taken a new role and these are now a vital and integral aspect of most of the digital marketing trends for 2024 and beyond.

After all, the future of digital marketing in 2024 will be bigger and more powerful than its yesteryears. And as you read along, here we will discuss few digital marketing trends of 2024 which are likely to rule the internet. Let us take a look at things which will get you excited.

1) The number one in our list is Shoppable Post

Everyone knows that social media is a very promising part of online marketing and it is social media marketing strategies that influence people to shop on social. More than 65% of Instagram users say they explore new products on Instagram and around 84% of them actually buy the product. eCommerce was a fashion before the year 2024 is all about social media marketing and retargeting. Creating social media posts which are CTA enabled for shopping is a great way to garner more business and a pool of customers.

2) The second one in our list is Marketing Personalization

Personalize your marketing strategy, if you want to rule the internet-driven market in the year 2024. And this necessarily means personalized features such as user-friendly content, digital products, insight-rich emailers, strategic remarketing and more. With the onset and availability of information such as consumer behavior, purchase history and links clicked, as well as sophisticated software (artificial intelligence) to implement campaigns, custom- tailormade content has never been easier. As many as 90% of online users find marketing personalization quite appealing. In fact, a personalized emailer will attract you more compared to batch and blast emails.

3) The third one on our list is Video marketing.

Video marketing will always be trending because people like to see and experience things. Incorporating a video in your digital marketing strategy will help you to succeed online in the year 2024. The following statics will help you to understand the importance of video marketing. Minimum of 78% of consumers have shared a brand’s video at some point of time in a given year. And more than 81% of brands have admitted that video marketing has improved their conversion rate and also bought an increase in sales. People love to share videos for information exchange and for fun, making creative and relevant videos does help in achieving business goals.

4) The fourth one on our list is Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is a must go for the year 2024, influencer marketing helps you to popularize your brand among masses. This particular marketing focuses on taking help from key influential personalities from various domains such as films, politics, sports etc. that have the potential to drive consumer behavior and your brand’s message to the broad audience. It’s like paying celebrities to spread the news or to get out the word for you.

5) The last one on our list is SEO A/B Split Testing.

Also known as bucket testing, search engine optimization split testing is vital. SEO A/B split testing helps you to identify which methodology such as keywords; SEO content is better than the other. It’s like comparing two versions of a website against each other to conclude which one performs better. It’s like an experimental process where two or more variants of a website page are shown to users at random, further tools like statistical analysis are used to check which website page performs better for a given set of conversion goal.

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To summarize,

Henceforth, if your business or brand is able to implement all these features as mentioned earlier into your business strategy, then for sure, you are likely to have the edge over your competitors. With this onset of digital marketing future, digital marketers will now have to be more updated and toned about many new strategies and trends that are evolving in the current internet-connected, high-tech era, which means that brands need to use digital marketing tools wisely to succeed in their goals and efforts because what might have had worked for you last year may not work in the year 2024.

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