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Should website development company In India look into new AMP based SEO?

Google has made moves recently towards favoring mobile search only world. It introduced AMP listings. Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP is an open source study to create mobile-optimized full content that loads instantly anytime anywhere! Articles load instantly when clicked on. AMP pages load 4X faster. They use 8 X fewer data in preliminary tests done. How will all this affect the SEO of a website? How do you know and what do you need to know? This article gives insight into AMP and SEO trends at the moment.

Will it Affect Organic Search?

Yes, it will! Opinions about organic search results with AMP are new. AMP is not yet a ranking factor. AMP will affect clicks, impressions, and user experience that also affects the whole of SEO. AMP is only used in News carousel at the moment. AMP bandwagon is important to see more clicks, impressions, and the entire UX engagement. Creating AMP-optimized final content is important. It will require authors to focus on: Headlines that are creative action-packed engaging removing extra words; hero images that are compelling and authentic; original work; use of descriptive text to introduce the topic under 100 words.

Will AMP Affect Paid Search?

Yes, it will. Google Adwords is a fix for brands. It allows paying the way to the top in search. Quality over quantity will result from the AMP ad placements. This means less paid advertisers and greater competition. Brands willing to pay to play will see improved paid search. Faster-loading mobile pages will give better page views experience and time for more ads. There will be many options. Authors will get to choose in terms of ad formats in AMP publishing. AMP ads by Google claims will be faster, beautiful engaging, innovative, using safe code secure a better broader market.

Will AMP Affect Local Search?

Yes, local search will also be affected by AMP. Click behavior is a guess may be used to decide which type of content is relevant that the other an AMP one or a local one.

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