PPC Trends

What PPC trends do you see happening in 2024?

This year is, indeed, a perfect time to be the PPC i.e., Pay per Click marketer. The platforms and advertising AIs are evolving in a rapid manner and there are a huge amount of marketers who are evolving along with them. The device use is continuously shifting more towards voice search devices and mobile. Amazon ads and video ads have gained much significance all the time.

Here is the list of some PPC trends which will definitely take place in 2024 –

  • Human marketers might need to spin a bit – The marketers can invest their efforts and time in knowing more about the target audiences as well as how to segment and target them. They could also create a more personalized and creative and develop efficient customer journeys.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will evolve – Features like strong search ads and good attribution capabilities which rolled out in 2018 will be continued this year and the marketers will acquire a new set of different tools to work with. Although machines are great at completing consistent and well-defined tasks, it is up to humans how they use it.
  • Shift from the keywords to the audiences – More and more marketers will start thinking about the notion of “audience first” instead of keeping their primary focus on the keywords. Bing and Google will certainly improve the audience segmenting and targeting capabilities for the advertisers.
  • Amazon Ads will overpower Facebook and Google’s market share- As per various reports and predictions of the market experts, there will be a substantial amount of increase in the use of Amazon Ads. For staying competitive in this year, one needs to master the art of balancing shopping ads with the PPC ads.
  • Increase in the use of Video Ads – The area of video ads is one of the most important ones where there has been a strong prediction of budget changes. The popularity of video advertising has increased in a fast manner over the years. The fact that you can use the videos on social media platforms makes it an additional opportunity for reaching out to a wider segment of the audience.
  • Text Ads will not vanish – As the new technologies are making a stronghold in today’s market, it seems like the text ads will not be able to compete with them. But as per the marketers, these types of ads are actually the most effective ones in the market. So while voice and video ads are making a place in today’s advertising industry, text ads are not going anywhere soon.

There is no denying the fact that this year is definitely going to be the time of PPC automation. A lot of secondary trends such as new roles for the PPC marketers and automated advertisement creation etc. will be introduced this year. The year of 2024 will be all about trying to make a fine balance between the old as well as contemporary technologies.

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