What is PPC Services

PPC services enable businesses to effectively use targeted advertising to engage potential customers and drive conversions. 

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Know the buzz behind PPC Services

In 2010, a business might have solely relied on word-of-mouth, newspaper ads, banners or pamphlets to generate revenue. But since it is 2019, Apex Infotech India is here to aid you to explore a whole new digital universe which will boost your revenues, minimize your costs and augment your brand value. PPC is essentially a button which redirects a potential customer or leads onto your website, app, Facebook page, company’s Amazon page, etc as per your desire. The success of your PPC campaign largely depends on the implementation and efficiency of your Pay Per Click Advertising Company to identify appropriate keywords and scrutinize relevant demographics or audience. Our 10+ years of experience will go a long way in ensuring the success of your campaign. The best part is that you only need to pay for results i.e. you are only charged when a customer clicks on the button.

You surely must have stumbled over a few Google Ads during your quest to search for a product online. Over 50% of sales commences with a simple internet search. That’s a humongous potential sales which your company is waiting for you to tap and with our PPC services, we assure you even more. Our Google Ads Services in India is eagerly awaiting to accompany you in exploring the potential your company holds and increase your revenues multi-folds.

Advantages of using our PPC Services

Advantages of using our PPC Services:

Increase in Sales

PPC aids in driving more traffic onto your websites and hence improving your chances of converting to potential lead into a happy customer. Apex’s trained employee will act as traffic managers and create one-way traffic onto your website. The more relevant people on your website, the more it will translate into sale numbers.

Low cost

At Apex, we believe that every rupee saved is a rupee earned. Since you are charged only when someone clicks on the button, it reduces your cost drastically by eliminating non-targeted population that consumes your time and other resources.

High conversion rate

When compared with any other traditional form of advertising, our PPC services lead the race of converting maximum potential customer. The secret sauce is that we scrutinize the audience by using keywords and demographics. Our specialist advertises only to those people who are most likely to contribute to your company’s revenue.

Boost company’s goodwill

By offering the customer exactly what they were looking for online, the customer puts your company in their good books for saving their time and efforts and are likely to put good word-of-mouth for the company. Apex’s efficiency, combined with your valuable insights, will result in an augmented brand image and brand loyalty.

Measurable results

The performance of your PPC campaign created by Apex is always available at the tips of your finger. All interactions with your customers are recorded and stored into your account which will be set-up by our PPC Agency in India. It will aid you to analyse the effectiveness of your campaign. PPC platforms at Apex offer in-build analysis tools to help the account holder make any future decisions.

Pre-eminent in the PPC platform:

Google Ads- Launched in 2000, Google Ads is the leader in the PPC platform. Over 62% of internet searches are performed on Google. The sheer quantity makes Google Ads paramount while planning your PPC campaign. Our Google Ads Agency in India will aid you set-up the account and get you started.

Facebook Ads- With over 2.1 billion people part of the Facebook community, it has emerged as a vital platform to promote your brand. Facebook has the most detailed demographics available on any platform to scrutinize your audience whom you want to advertise. Our PPC company will guide you to identify the demographics and magnify your return on investment.

Instagram Ads- With over 60% of the user under the age of 30, Instagram has emerged as a vital platform for millennial products. Apex’s sharp demographic targeting will register your company’s product onto the mind of the millennials. With the recent addition of ‘stories’, Instagram ads have improved the conversion rate even further.

Amazon Ads- With over 306 items sold per second globally, Amazon clearly establishes itself as a pioneer in online sales. We, at Apex, will aid you in promoting your product on Amazon’s website by showing your product on the top.

YouTube Ads – With internet rates at rock bottom, YouTube has experienced a drastic increase in their daily views and Apex aids you to capitalize on this opportunity to promote your offerings.

Why choose us for PPC Services?

While there are a plethora of digital companies out there looking to aid you in your quest of exploring the digital world, we ought to hold the upper hand due to the following reasons:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 1500+ happy customers
  • 100+ full-time employees
  • Global expertise ( India, USA, UK, Malaysia and Singapore)

Allow me to further strengthen our case by letting you know the methods we adhere to maximize your Return on Investment:

Market Research- Most companies jump directly into running the PPC campaign sans market research and end up being unsuccessful. Our PPC Agency in India does not believe in rash decisions and performs market research before launching the campaign. Hence, improving the odds of maximizing returns.

Keyword Refinement- Choosing the correct keyword is arguably the most important aspect of any PPC campaign. Your keywords decide what kind of people land on your website. Apex’s appropriate keyword selection aids the genuine customer to navigate your website and they are most likely to make a purchase. We continuously monitor the performance of the keywords to provide you with the best results.

ROI Driven Reporting- We understand that every company has different needs. Whether your ultimate target is to increase traffic on the website, add more apps download or simply increase the likes or comments on a particular post, we have got you covered. With our ROI Driven Reporting, you will know exactly what have you paid for and see the benefits it reaped for you.

Scalable PPC Solutions- Once you are mesmerized by the results PPC attains, you are bound to widen the campaign to cover more products. With the business growing exponentially, the last thing you need is to invest your valuable time again to look out for a bigger digital company to cater to your needs. Don’t worry. Our scalable PPC Solutions are designed to cope up with your requirements. We are with you for the long run.

Ride along with the wave of online marketing by availing our PPC services and unleash the potential that your company possess.

Deciphering Pay-Per-Click Services FAQ's

It means advertising brand products and services on various online platforms to gain leads and sales.

Your Products and services are advertised on various platforms and get the attention of people. Your agency will run the campaign while you are focusing on building your brand. So hiring an agency for PPC Service is very important to expand your business.

You need to choose an agency that offers years of expertise in PPC. Their experience will accompany tried and tested solutions for improving the campaign. You can easily trust such an Agency.

Apex Infotech India has successfully converted 40% of existing leads. It has spent around 3 billion on ad campaigns. Our skilled team has always relentlessly worked to serve our clients and we continue to do so.

PPC requires time-to-time attention. An agency not only offers its skills but also attention to your campaigns. So it becomes important to hire an agency that will ensure fulfillment of the campaign requirements.


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