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5 Tools will help you measure your business Social ROI

Have you ever noticed how every business is racing to capture the online market in recent times?

Every social severe media user strives hard to make their posts perform well on various social media platforms. And, when we talk about the businesses, Oh Boy! They’ve to work so hard to find some good amount of ROI for their social media activities.

Just like that, firms using the help of social media influencers have to get some way of figuring out whether their influencer campaigns are fruitful or not.
That’s the reason why all of the popular social media networks these days provide some social media analytics tools. So, based on your network option, you can get resourceful analytical data using:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics

Insights from individual social media accounts are hard to compile and collaborate.
When we are calculating social ROI for a business, it is essential to use a single platform that highlights our social engagement based on real-time metrics.

Here are five tools that will help you calculate Social ROI for your business.

Check out the tools mentioned below, maybe they come handier for you:

1) Viralwoot

Viralwoot comes first in our list of best social media analytics tools, the reason being its popularity amongst the social media handlers. It’s a platform for Pinterest users not only create content but also automatically schedule it.
Viralwoot gives the social media users a great relief as they don’t have to open the social media account again and again. And, with its help, you can also create your strong online, build a relationship with your viewers and also engage with influencers.
It has an analytics part to indicate the progress of your Pinterest posts. And, the best part is, Viralwoot also provides you with an influencer score, with tips to enhance your Pinterest presence.
That’s not it, Viralwoot also keeps track of all your significant data for each of your boards which includes group boards. You can also track the number of your pins, repins, followers and likes.

You’ll also get your analytical data in a spreadsheet-like format which makes it way easier to sort. You can also use your analytics to know which day and time are best for you to pin, even the colours that suit your posts.
It also keeps an eye on your boards’ SEO level, thus boosting search rankings of your boards. Viralwoot even provides you with trending keywords on Pinterest to plan your strategy around it.
Not only this but also Viralwoot helps you to analyze some of the content on your website, which content is the most pinned one.

2) Quintly

Quintly is one such amazing social media analytics tool that will help you analyze your progress online.
It helps them to justify their social media activities with robust analytics. Quintly provides 350 plus metrics for social media activity. You can use these pre-existing strategies or modify them as per your business needs. Isn’t it the perfect way to track the success of your social media tactics?
Quintly also enables you to sort all relevant social media KPIs on a dashboard, though, you can choose to create the pre-existing one or customize yourself. You can also benchmark your channels against one another, and get relative visions with Quintly.
Quintly also provides a 14-day free trial to its users. If in case, you like to resume with the software it also offers Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise plans to choose. Each plan offers five Automated Reports, three Users, and all Core Features. The plan may vary from the number of social profiles you can analyze.

3) Cyfe

Cyfe is many things apart from a social media analytics tool! Cyfe claims to be a multipurpose business dashboard. And, somewhere the claim is correct as it tracks social media, web analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure and many more.
Cyfe fetches information from a vast database of popular services with the help of already built widgets. These have the social sites, email collection sites, Word Press and financial sites etc.
It also checks all the relevant aspects – individual departments as well as multiple websites. It involves eight central dashboards, including social media. You can also track the progress of your client’s social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Vimeo, with its real-time data and metrics. That’s not it; you can also evaluate the return on the investment of your social activities.
On top of all these benefits, you can also track your best-performing messages, media, and posts, and measure all your social media analytics.

4) SproutSocial

Sprout Social – even if you’re a social marketing newbie, you might’ve come across this name for sure. Sprout Social is extremely popular among social media handlers as it assists businesses to imply their social media goals and plans. All this requires a dedicated social media management tool which can integrate in-depth social analytics.
With the help of Sprout Social, you can get access to all of the significant analytics for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. And, the fun part is that you can access all these accounts from just a single, centralized portal.
Sprout Social gives many reports relating to your social media accounts like engagement on your Facebook page and assessment of your task performance.
You can also evaluate your performance with industry averages, and even automatically compare your statistics with that of your competitors.
When it comes over Twitter, you can monitor your aggregate post metrics, by the Twitter profile, which also includes engagement details like clicks, reach, and engagement. Moreover, it offers Twitter keywords, trends, and hashtag reports.
It provides the same level of social analytics for various other social networking platforms. What else? You can also practice with Sprout Social for a 30-day free trial. Plans then begin at $99/month; however, most of the analytics reports don’t become accessible until you buy a Corporate membership, at $149/month.

5) Union Metrics / Tweet Reach

From a very long time, Tweet Reach was dominating the free social media analytics tool market. Let’s say that you entered a keyword, hashtag, or username; Tweet Reach will provide you with a snapshot of search analytics. It includes charts and graphs to reach, exposure, activity, and contributions. You can still have a free Tweet Reach report for your chosen term.
Union Metrics enables you to track all the topics and profiles important to you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It also gives actual observations to make sure that its insights are accurate and delivered at the right time.
Union Metrics helps you to do a thorough study of your content. You can evaluate the performance of your posts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In this way you can fix any glitch you find in your content or can know what works in your case!
You can also keep an eye on your earned and organic conversation. You can put a tracker for any hashtags, keywords, names, and phrases. Don’t you think it’s quite helpful?
You can do in-depth competitive social analysis as Union Metrics helps you to study any social profile you like. Apart from all this, you can also create a simple Tweet Reach report that too free of cost. The more advanced plans from Union Metrics start from $49 to $199 monthly.
As Union Metrics allows you to analyze any social profile, you can carry out a detailed competitive social analysis.
You can create a necessary Tweet Reach report for free. The more detailed plans from Union Metrics range from $49 to $199 per month.

A wrap,

So, these are the five tools which will help you manage, schedule and compute Social ROI under a single roof. Apex helps businesses grow their revenue using a unique and targeted Social media management and marketing strategy.
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