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Blogging | 8 ways to make money out of your blogs

If you populate marketing professionals across the globe,

There are chances that 50% of them say content marketing strategy tops the table for them.

Blog writing or blogging covers the majority of the content marketing plan.

Content that has value for users is always admired and the source is probably visited a lot more times.

So why not make them a foundation for generating income

This blog post is all about 8 simple ways in which bloggers make money out of their blogs.

So, let’s get straight into the funnel

1. Become an expert consultant

Creating blogs or informative sources for a particular niche or practice could win you a lot of admirers and frequent visitors.

Like if you are a fitness freak and you love writing blogs for health and fitness context,

You could possibly create a one-stop destination for readers.

It could possibly include topics like –

Weight loss tips, Weight loss diet, Weight loss diet plan, Weight loss diet chart and so on.

And you could use this source to establish your image as an expert dietitian and possibly start professional paid consulting service.

2.  Using Google Adsense account

Google AdSense is online monetization made simple.

Since 2003 it has been a sought-after platform for publishers and bloggers to make money.

It’s as simple as making spaces for ads on your websites or blogs by adding few codes or scripts to your blogs.

3.  Native ads display

The native word itself defines what is Native ads because it relates to the blog or theme of topics populated in the website.

Native ads may also populate in the sidebar of the blog.

Its income potential and also reduces the irritating factor of readers.

4. Showcase video ads

Leveraging short videos about products being showcased or provided by the advertising company would probably double your chances of attracting more clicks on ads displayed and also reward your monetization effort.

5. Selling your expertise in blog writing

If you have a blog that attracts a lot of unique visitors monthly on an average than its already a sign that,

Your fruit is ripe and ready to be served.

You could make money by selling those organic traffic to a potential bidder on premium.

This is a great way to monetize your blogging efforts.

6. Using Affiliate Marketing 

Adding affiliate links to your blogs of businesses can help you in the process.

Cashing those links on every sale they get per link through your blog in the form of  commission is the option.

7. Using mediums like E-books and Online course 

Making your blog information available in the form of e-books and online courses is one of the best ways in which you can monetize your information source.

I bet you might have probably seen this before,

Best digital marketing practice followed by a company.

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Great blogs or information portals providing in-depth insights or statistics spend a lot on research and development to gather information from sources.

So, it’s important for them to make their efforts count.

8. Selling ads space directly 

You can also directly sell ads space on your blog or website without using Google as a medium.

If your blog attracts huge traffic and is a rich source for a particular niche it could possibly attract bids from private businesses and other sellers for advertisement spaces.


I hope this article helped you and have motivated you to monetize your blogging efforts in the future.

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