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6 simple steps | Optimize your business on Instagram

If you look at the Internet consumption statistics in India, you would see that Instagram is the high-end contributing factor because, Instagram as a platform provides it all, be it a consumer or a brand.

Instagram for business is probably the hottest trend in social media in 2019.

The kind of wave Instagram has brought to the online community is remarkable.

Indian audience has been positively receptive with the application and the type of entertainment it provides.

The idea of talking through the pictures is appreciative and the platform is certainly, an excellent choice to reach out to the audience as a brand.

Instagram provides brands an opportunity to be noticed through the Instagram Business profile, it is an exclusive feature that lets you officially have an account for communicating your brand’s presence.

Get Noticed On Instagram:

Here are some steps that might help you create a better brand presence on Instagram –

  1. Quality Followers > Quantity Followers

Your followers are your wealth at first. Numbers of followers usually make you think to go beyond ethics.

It’s important to have organic followers who stick to you for the love for the brand. The main aim should be to focus on the target audience rather than working on the elevation of followers.

  1. Talk Through Your Pictures!

Instagram’s layout is all about the look and feel. Your images do the talking here. So, pictures you upload speak a lot about your brand.

It’s so important to present the right information in an efficient manner keeping the brand identity in mind.

For example: using multi-grids for uploading a single picture, following a color palette, routing a certain design.

      3. Keep the ‘DM Replies’ instant.

DM stands for ‘Direct Message’. This function of the application allows any individual to directly reach out to you.

It becomes important for the reason that, you maintain the customer support and hence it’s necessary to stay efficient enough to give instant replies to any query that comes up. DM again as a result, is a great region to connect to the desired audience on a personal level.

  1. Add Emojis For Fun!

Instagram isn’t a professional platform entirely. It has a very chill-like nature where there’s a mix of both good business + fun.

Apart from pictures and writings, Emoji’s has also been a highlight for Instagram as an App.

Adding emojis to your bio can make it a bit more user-friendly and can also help you alternate some descriptive words helping you save more characters.

Emojis can throw some fresh and adaptive vibe for the future making your brand page more receptive.

  1. Aim for Verification.

Instagram verifies user accounts. Of course, there are some rules attached before making your account a verified account.

The rules imply such as a specific number of followers, a specific engagement rate, organic functioning, and constant upload, etc.

A verified account evokes better trust from the user’s side. This also makes your brand’s presence reliable and approachable. The blue verification tick sets bars!

  1. Create Content Constantly.

Instagram has its own algorithms. Constant good content makes your brand reach people on a daily basis.

Good content makes your brand reach people on a daily basis. This will increase your brand awareness, because good content attracts more followers and it becomes easier for a consumer to trust the brand.

If you as a brand create content that can be empathized by people the consumption of your content will increase leading to better page visits.

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