Content Marketing Right

How to Get Content Marketing Right

Get ready for “A Content Marketing strategy that converts.”

Apex Performance Marketing Agency has developed a unique strategy which helps businesses from different industries leverage their content marketing using available mediums and channels.

Selecting the right platform and using the correct form of content is very important for framing a successful content strategy.

“Content Marketing strategy is how you create, publish and distribute your brand’s message to a selected audience.

“For a business, the ultimate goal of content marketing should not be constrained to “Brand Awareness” it should go further deep into an individual’s purchase cycle.

“An effective content marketing strategy helps you Attract, Engage, Convert and Sustain your targets.”

Here are 7 Steps to Create A Formidable Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business.

1) Identify and list your goals.

“Plan and execute your content marketing strategy.”

Content Marketing is the dominant advertising pillar for your business. A significant proportion of your online marketing efforts revolute around content marketing. While leveraging your resources, define the plans and goals for your business.

Your content marketing strategy should list out.

  • “Target audience for your business.”
  • “Solutions you wish to cater.”
  • “What makes your strategy a comprehensive one.”

One of the significant challenges faced by businesses looking to leverage their content marketing strategy is lack of planning, lack of data. Publishing valuable content with quality against quantity can help you in the course of framing a successful content marketing strategy.

2) Explore Your Target Audience.

“Before you publish, do your market research.”

“Persona Research” or the “Buyer Persona” is what makes an “ideal customer” for any business. It is articulated using facts (existing data available) and forecast (estimates). It is the categorization of your target audience based on their demographic trait, their challenges and goals.

An effective content marketing strategy helps you map your content based on the outline of the user’s data. It helps you attract valuable visitors, leads and customers for your business.

3) Perform content Audit.

“Know what type of content your audience likes.”

You can publish content in various formats and sizes. It would be best if you evaluated which one brings the best results for your business.

“51% of marketers said video content provides the best ROI for a business.”

You need to try and work out which one works the best for your business.

75% of marketers use blogs as a primary tool to grade up their marketing efforts.

(Pro Tip: Publish a blog on your website, then share micro versions of the blog on social and other platforms to boost traffic and generate leads for your business.)

4) Use a Content Management System.

“Create – Manage – Analyze all your work under a single platform.”

Content Management System is a tool that helps you manage, post, edit and schedule digital content over the Internet. CMS creates a collaborative environment where multiple users have access to the content and can easily edit it.

You can “Create – Publish – Distribute and Track” your content.

Top 5 CMS platforms include:

  • WordPress.
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal
  • Typo 3
  • Serendipity

WordPress is an easy to use CMS platform. By integrating it into a website, you have a one-stop destination to work, manage and schedule all your website content with ease and precision. “Research by Hosting Tribunal shows, WordPress in 2019 power 34% of the Internet.”

WordPress is simple even for a person from a non-technical background. With WordPress, you are in control of every progress you make with your content marketing plan.

With WordPress, you can

  • Streamline your content scheduling.
  • Effectively maintain your website.
  • Make simple design changes.
  • Share and Analyze your content with ease.

5) Research and Share Unique Content

“Your buyer should easily distinguish your “Sales pitch” and “Value propositions.”

Users will appreciate content that is thorough and consistent with the prevailing market trend. It would be best if you are consistent with your design and concepts which will guide users relate to the content.

(Pro Tip: Build an expert status in your niche by providing unique and reasonable solutions. For every service you provide, there is a competitor who competes for business. The only chance you have to outwit your competition is to have brand equity, which stands out from the rest.)

Tools that will help you generate ideas for your content marketing strategy.

  • Google Trends.
  • Buzzsumo.
  • Feedly.
  • Blog about.

6) Determine the types of content you would share

“Choose the right medium.”

There are many ways in which you can share your brand philosophies and ideas. You can use the following ways to share your content to the public.

  • Video.
  • Podcast.
  • Blogs.
  • Case study.
  • Template.
  • Infographic chart.
  • E-books

(Pro Tip: Create a video content which is unique and extensive then break the whole video down to micro shareable content and share them on social platforms in small sizes. Use the audio of the content and air it as a podcast; you can also create a blog post on the same video highlighting a major point of discussion.)

Now it’s your turn let me know what else you can do.

7) Publish and Manage your Content

“Plan and distribute your content.”

Its time to analyze again. Check if you are on track and good to go. Content Marketing Strategy should focus on securing critical actions, which is to “Attract – Engage – Convert – Sustain” your target audience.

It is important how you manage your content across various platforms, especially social media. Sharing contents on social media will help your brand extend its reach significantly.

Having an “Editorial calendar” will help you publish unique and trending content on your website. Also, keeping a social media calendar will help you distribute your content across different social channels promptly.
It’s also vital that you publish “timely topics” or the “trendy ones” like blogs about important days and events happening in the world. It helps you boost your traffic by attracting a unique audience.

In Short,

Having a well-structured and planned Content Marketing strategy is a goal for businesses across different verticals. Apex Performance Marketing Agency provides an effective content marketing strategy for companies in various sectors.

Now you have the magic mix. So, it’s time to crack the puzzle with a refined and structured Content Marketing Strategy for your business.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the same.

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